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Help Save A Rhino

As you know, Rhinos are becoming a critically endangered species all around the world! They are being poached and killed for their horns as well as their hide – For decorative or even merely just for the money. Last year approximately 448 rhinos suffered an untimely demise at the hand of vicious poachers. And…according to rhino scientists, should the poaching continue […]

South Africa Welcomes International Musicians

Our home has become a destination for international musicians, who make sure to include South Africa as part of their globe-trotting touring schedules. And South African’s have been only too happy to oblige. Pint sized Aussie Kylie Minogue recently stopped off in South Africa to perform in Cape Town and Johannesburg in July as part of her Aphrodite World Tour. Fans […]

The Top Searches For 2009

As the New Year is starting to gather momentum after the holiday season, we start 2010 with a look back at the top searches for 2009 on PriceCheck. The year will be in the history books for economic meltdowns and customers looking for more value for their money. The global credit crunch has impacted everyone and all industries. Online Shopping worldwide has […]


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