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WWDC – Apple speaks to its users and competitors

Yesterday Apple unveiled a variety of things at their WWDC event and heralded in a new era for their software. Mac OS X Snow Leopard has now been replaced with OS X Mavericks. The new desktop operating system contains a variety of new features but it is clear that Apple places quite a bit of value on their desktop business. Maps bring […]

PriceCheck Unveils Barcode Scanner App for the Apple iPhone

You can now download the PriceCheck Barcode Scanner Application from iTunes for your iPhone. With nearly 7 million supported products with barcodes, the PriceCheck Barcode Scanner app provides realtime product and pricing for users. The PriceCheck Barcode Scanner is a handy tool supplying you with comparative offers from online shops based on a brick-and-mortar in-store product you are interested in. The […]

Apple’s Cloudy iFuture

Apple made yesterday a historical day in various ways. Steve Jobs was to launch software and no actual new devices (iPhone 5). The media knew in advance which Apple products would be unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Why did they take this extra ordinary unexpected step? Simple, to ensure that the new software does not get lost in […]

The DSTV Drifta Mobile Decoder

Mobile TV has been a white elephant in South Africa for some time. Mobile operators and third party software were seen as the only way for consumers to be able to watch TV on the go. Enter MultiChoice with the DSTV Drifta and many people are interested in watching sport on a mobile device. I think that the Drifta is another […]

A Touch Screen Apple iMac?

I love this time of the year as a gadget owner. We are about 11 weeks away from Christmas and every manufacturer is clamouring to get their latest wares for sale online. I can just hear the sound of ripping gift wrap…. it’s like an opera performance to my ears. There are a few rumours floating around in the tech industry. […]

The Mobile Battle Between Apple & Google

The mobile phone industry is one that is full of interesting stories. The manufacturers are held together by the operating software to a degree. If your software is less than perfect your users will complain and potentially move to another phone. I am at the moment in that stage as I keep getting reminded of the mistake I made when […]

Apple Unveils New iPhone 4

The worst kept secret in the mobile industry was confirmed yesterday when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4. The phone was very similar to the leaked versions seen on various blogs in the last 4 weeks.  The build quality is extraordinary and what makes Apple the company so loved by their users. The Apple iPhone 4 features a new design […]


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