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The Many Benefits of Chocolate


There’s nothing more comforting than chocolate. The sweet treat is the perfect pick-me-up when you’re feeling low, but is also a great spoil when you’re ready to celebrate. When people hear chocolate, their thoughts turn to the smooth, sweet taste; but, it can also trigger thoughts of sugar and unnecessary calories. But did you know that the cocoa in chocolate also offers many health benefits? If the added sugar in the chocolate bar is removed, the benefits remain the same, which explains why dark chocolate is said to offer the most nutritional benefits.

When shopping for chocolate treats, consider reaching for sugar-free or no-added-sugar options instead of your usual sugar-laden choices. For example, Canderel’s 0% added sugar chocolate bars and slabs are a great choice for anyone looking to cut back on their sugar consumptions. The chocolate bars are available in different flavours, including dark chocolate, and provide the health benefits of chocolate without the extra sugar and calories. With cocoa being the main ingredient in these bars, you get the nutritional benefits without having to worry about the unnecessary processed sugar.


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According to studies conducted over the years, there are many benefits that chocolate has to offer that can have an impact on our lives. The higher the cocoa, such as in dark chocolate, the more benefits there are. These benefits include:

1. Heart health:

A study conducted by the University of Aberdeen found that people who eat up to 100g of chocolate a day are 11% less likely to have a heart attack, a stroke or other cardiovascular problems. Flavonoids, a type of antioxidant found in chocolate, can help stimulate blood flow by getting rid of free radicals in the blood.

2. Boost brain function:

Chocolate is a natural source of magnesium, which is essential for brain health, and also includes caffeine. Both can help boost concentration and alertness. Don’t believe us? This study shows that hot cocoa, when consumed daily, can also have the same effects.


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3. Slows the signs of ageing:

An antioxidant in chocolate, epicatechin, has proved to be effective in protecting the brain against the build-up of proteins that hinder normal brain function and can cause dementia. Another antioxidant, polyphenols can also rid the body of free radicals which can cause age-related arthritis.

4. Aids in digestion:

The magnesium found in chocolate is good for the digestive system. It relaxes the large and small intestines, allowing food to move through the digestive system more easily. A study in 2011 showed that when cocoa is consumed daily it increases the stomach’s good bacteria.

5. Mood boosting:

Cocoa polyphenols in chocolate aid in boosting the moods of those who eat it. A study conducted at the University of Swinburne found that the participants in the study were both calmer and happier.


Since the benefits come from cocoa, dark chocolate offers the most nutrition when choosing which chocolate to enjoy. But, that doesn’t mean that milk chocolate doesn’t have any benefits. Milk chocolate can offer everything that dark chocolate does, just to a lesser extent, however, also consider with the added milk, milk chocolate does provide more calcium than dark chocolate.

If you are more inclined to reach for milk chocolate over dark chocolate, then try Canderel’s chocolate range with 0% added sugar. With less sugar than a regular chocolate bar, you will be able to enjoy your choice without the worry of consuming unnecessary processed sugar.

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