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How To Pull Off The Ultimate Music-Festival Look


Musical festivals are down right fun, but when it comes to knowing what to wear, things get a bit tricky. From the sunshine to rain, to stomping in the blistering heat to waiting for your favourite artist in the staggering cold. There’s also muddy terrains, and music by the river to consider – so how do you prepare for all of this and still look fashionable? Let’s take a look.


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The great thing about jumpsuits, they’re uncomplicated and maybe that’s why they’re called playsuits as well. Throw them on in a minute and still hold true to your style. They’re also flexible in terms of weather – ranging from short to long sleeve -making them perfect for music festivals.

Denim is Dynamite

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Most music festivals are held on open fields which can get down right muddy and dirty. Denim is by far the most durable and versatile fabric when it comes to taking on such terrain. Wear denim cut offs when things heat up, ripped jeans for the rugged sexy look, or throw on a denim jacket to pull off the vintage look while keeping you warm.

Wide Leg or Flared Pants

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Music festivals are calling for you to tap into your inner hippie and there’s no better way to do this than with flare, wide leg or harem pants. Whether it’s to make things breathable during the heat or to keep your legs warm on colder nights, it will unleash the stylish hippie in you. You can keep it simple or go wild with eye-catching patterns – your choice.

Bump It Up With Bodysuits

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Another versatile item to throw in your suitcase is a body suit. They make for simple swim suits when the heat is on and they looking absolutely amazing when you match them with a pair of cut off jeans. They are light, breathable and the ultimate stomping outfit. Just throw on a jumper or jacket when things get chilly.

Glam It Up With Glasses

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Concealment of drunk eyes is preferred at music festivals, plus the sun can get excruciating. Be sure to pack your most rad pair of sunglasses because there’s it’s one of those essentials that keep you looking fresh and spicy.

Easy Jumper

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There’s nothing like an easy jumper to keep you warm when the moon comes out to play. Keep it light, loose and raggedy – it just makes things simpler when you need to get down to the music. Throw it around your waist when the sweat starts to hit.

What do you wear to fashion festivals?


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