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Black Friday: Best TV Brands to Buy


TVs are known to be big sale items during the Black Friday period. From 65-inch smart TVs to smaller displays, you’ll often find the best TV discounts during the annual shopping period; but before you grab the first TV special that crosses your path, here’s a breakdown of why you should purchase each specific TV brand.


In addition to a number of other devices and appliances, Samsung has taken the crown as the leader TV brand in the world. With Samsung, you’re guaranteed a certain level of quality, along with the high-end bells and whistles you’d expect on Smart 4K TVs. The company’s own quantum dot LED (QLED) is their proprietary technology which delivers extremely impressive high-contrast displays with fantastic brightness. If you’re looking for an all-rounder TV, Samsung units always deliver.

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LG’s own OLED technology has become so highly regarded that its found its way into other manufacturers’ units too. LG’s OLED TVs have a focus on vivid colours, sharp contrast, and gorgeously deep blacks, with LG’s leading webOS smart platform also becoming a firm favourite amongst the other TV operating systems. In addition, LG has been doing some fantastic design work with their range, with the ‘floating glass’ display of their high-end models being notably stunning.

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Where quality and price meet, you find Hisense. While not the biggest TV manufacturer in the world and a relative newcomer to the high-end market, Hisense deliver extremely good TVs with a slightly lighter price-tag. Their ULED technology is very impressive, presenting amazing image quality for users. They lack a little on their high-end features, like voice-recognition only being available in some models, but what you lose in the bells and whistles, they make up for in picture quality and price.

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