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Back to the Office: 5 Wellness Tips to Beat the Stress of Returning to Work


As more South Africans return to work and the office under the new level 3 lockdown regulations, there’s no doubt the current circumstances of being back in the work environment will trigger stress for many employees. Add to this the uncertainty over social distancing, job security and personal health, and it’s a recipe for stress levels to soar higher than ever. Luckily there are natural products you can use to manage your stress levels and help make the transition back to the office a smooth one. Here are 5 wellness tips to keep in mind as head back into the workplace this month:

1. Try natural stress-management supplements like CBD:

CBD skincare

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure about returning to the office then a natural supplement, like CBD oil, might be a great natural choice to help make the work environment, and the stress that goes along with it, more manageable. Studies have shown that CBD can be a great way to aid in alleviating the effects of stress. CBD is known to work with the body’s endocannabinoid system. This system plays a role in regulating many bodily functions, including sleep and the effects of stress and anxiety.

This cannabis-based product contains no THC (the chemical that causes a ‘high’) and is non-intoxicating, making it a compact on-the-go choice for managing workplace stress and incorporating into a healthy lifestyle.

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2. Stay in charge:

If you feel like returning to the workplace has left you with a feeling of anxiousness and uncertainty then it’s time to take back control. You may not be able to control all aspects of your workday, but you can create an organisational system that will leave you feeling more in control and less stressed.


3. Make use of technology

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or an employee, you can help make the transition back to work safer and less stressful by using technology at your disposal to communicate with your co-workers and ensure the journey back to work is as seamless as possible. For example, Back2Work, a WhatsApp solution designed to automate employee Covid-19 screening, PPE checks & risk reporting at scale, is a great example of this. The technology helps employers make critical workforce planning decisions quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Simply ensuring that all staff members have a Whatsapp-enabled smartphone at their disposal can go a long way to making the transition back to the office an easier one. There are a number of affordable entry-level smartphones on the market that can enable a business to manage its workforce without breaking the bank.

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4. Master your time

Time management is another key way to take back control of your workday. Scheduling enough time and prioritising your tasks will leave you feeling less overwhelmed and reduce the amount of deadline pressure you may face.

5. Get enough rest:


Heading back to your place of work after lockdown level 5 and 4 will no doubt be overwhelming. There’s a high chance you will have a backlog of work to catch up on and new challenges to face. But, while it may be tempting to start working overtime, it’s just as important now to take time off and rest. What you do outside the office is as important as what you do inside the office. Keep your stress at bay by creating a support system of loved ones, who you can share your thoughts and feelings with.

It’s also important to get enough sleep. Sleep helps your body regulate itself and can lift your mood, leaving you feeling able to tackle challenges that may pop up during your workday. Ensure you practice healthy sleep habits and keep a strict sleep schedule when managing stress levels.


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