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5 DIY Projects to Help Prepare your Home for Winter


With temperatures steadily dropping and the nationwide lockdown still in force, now is the perfect time to pre-empt any unwelcome seasonal disruptions and prepare your home for the chilly months ahead.

Avoiding issues like leaking and blocked gutters ahead of time will ensure that the winter season is relatively stress-free without the need for unnecessary outings and excess expense spent on home repairs. So, while the weather remains relatively agreeable, here are a few key DIY projects you should consider to help prepare your home for winter:

Start from the top

Home DIY

When it comes to extreme weather like torrential downpours and high winds, your roof is your first line of defence against the elements. It is, therefore vital that you ensure your roof is in good shape to avoid the need for costly repairs at a later stage. Loose or broken tiles, slipped ridge caps, blocked gutters and faulty waterproofing are some of the factors that can result in damage to your home, especially during the winter season.

Use this time to check your roof for any damage or leaks, taking care to look out for any loose or broken tiles. It is also important to clean gutters and downpipes, as there is likely to be build-up from fallen leaves towards the end of Autumn. Be sure to check for gaps in the seams and ensure that the brackets affixing the gutters to the house are securely attached.

If possible, spend some time in the garden and cut down any overhanging tree branches, as these can become a hazard in cases of extreme weather and end up causing damage to your roof.

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Insulation stations

home Insulation

Plummeting temperatures can make winter a very unpleasant experience if your home is not properly insulated. Without adequate insulation, homes can lose a huge amount of heat via floors, walls and windows. If your home is always cold you’re more likely to make use of heaters and rack up an unnecessarily high electricity bill each month.

To avoid a season spent shivering, start by insulating your ceilings to prevent hot air from rising and subsequently leaving your abode. Check your windows to ensure they are properly sealed. Look out for any curtain movement, which could indicate that an unwelcome draught is finding its way into your home.

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Warm up wisely


Heaters are an absolute essential during the winter months, but they can end up costing you if used too often or incorrectly, particularly oil heaters, which tend to guzzle electricity at a rapid rate. To reduce energy costs, look out for more energy-efficient heater options, such as gas heaters and wall panel heaters. And remember, if you want to maximise efficiency, keep doors and windows closed to enable the space to be warmed up more rapidly.

If the thought of cabin fever has you feeling anxious, consider investing in a patio heater, which will enable you to enjoy a taste of fresh air in comfort every now and then.

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Fire up your floors


Poorly maintained floors can be particularly susceptible to cold fronts, leaving homes feeling icy during the chilliest months. To avoid the need to tiptoe around your own home, add accessories like rugs and mats to cover any particularly cold surfaces such as tiles and cement. In addition, thoroughly check your floors for cracks, which can also result in a dramatic loss of heat.

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Do your woodwork


Wood looks lovely but is extremely susceptible to winter, cold and damp, so make sure to give all wooden windows, doors and floors a thorough once over before it is too late. Make sure all wooden areas in your home are kept in good condition and that they are well varnished to ensure optimal protection. Throughout the season, it is important to keep an eye out for any damp, which can become a huge problem if left unattended.

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The key to enjoying a comfortable and cosy winter at home is preparation – so make sure to use this shoulder season wisely and to do your homework in order to ensure you do not get left out in the cold.


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