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5 Clever Ways Use your Smart TV During Lockdown


It is no surprise that while in lockdown we are finding a multitude of ways to use the appliances in our homes. And why not? We have the time to do so. The same goes for your smart TV. No longer is it just for watching television, it has now become a part of your work life, your child’s education and even your exercise buddy.

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If you are in lockdown alone or with family, your smart TV can become a truly useful tool. Let’s be honest, most of us invested in a Smart TV to stream content and play console games, but your smart TV can be so much more than just a device to watch Netflix and Showmax. Here’s how you can use your smart TV to its full potential during lockdown and beyond.

More than one way to skin a cat:

smart TV

While many people already make use of some of the more advanced features of their smart TVs, many have yet to use their smart TV’s full capabilities. You can use your smart TV to download Apps, watch YouTube, search the internet, and even mirror your phone or tablet to appear on your screen – perfect for Zoom meetings.

During this time, keeping busy and being entertained does get a little harder as the days go on, but with a smart TV at home, there are more options than before. These days many smart TVs also offer support for Google Assistant and other smart home devices such as Amazon’s Alexa, turning your TV into your home’s control centre, which can be controlled solely by the user’s voice.

Keep Fit:


If you’re looking for a way to keep fit during lockdown, make your smart TV your exercise companion. Launch YouTube on your TV and search for exercise videos or download exercise apps to follow along in the comfort of your home. Instead of struggling to see on your phone how an exercise activity is done correctly, with a smart TV it can feel as though you are in the exercise class.

Cook up a storm:

smart TV

If you can see your TV from the kitchen, why not try out some of those more difficult recipes you have seen on TV that you have been dying to accomplish? Or why not join in on the fun of your favourite cooking competition show and try to beat out the other contestants?

Be social:

Zoom TV

While having a Zoom meeting or Face Timing your family and friends, cast your computer, phone, or tablet to your TV, and it will feel like your loved ones or colleagues are in the room with you. Place your camera device in front of the TV so that you can face everyone.

Supersize me:

smart TV

This is also a great time to make the world of social media a little bigger. Download apps onto your TV that you use and would like to see on a bigger screen. With lockdown occurring in most countries around the world, many social media influencers are giving free classes, and this is a great way to see everything on a bigger screen.

See the world, from your couch:

smart TV

Use your smart TV to see the world from the comfort of your couch. Use your TV’s search tool to search the internet and visit countries. Many museums are doing virtual tours during this time and experiencing them on a bigger screen is much more lifelike. Google Earth is also a great way to see the outside world on your TV.

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