Saturday, October 16

How to Find the Latest Deals from SA’s Newest Retailers


Deal-hunting is always a tricky one, as it’s difficult to know a good deal from a great one, but PriceCheck has been helping South Africans find the very-best on offer for over 10 years, and now are making it even easier with a brand-new spot to find the latest and greatest specials from new and up-and-coming retailers in SA!

The New Merchants page allows newly-listed retailers on PriceCheck to showcase their standout deals — with everything from tech and commercial appliances to fashion and car accessories being highlighted.

New merchants like MegaDealz, GadgetBoss, OneShopCentre, and Anlumax all have a variety of exciting products which you won’t find elsewhere, allowing you to keep tabs on the best prices from the ever-growing list of PriceCheck-affiliated retailers.

From MegaDealz’ lifestyle and home products, to GadgetBoss’ unique tech items, you’ve got a new spot to indulge in your product discovery adventure and unearth the most alluring deal that suits your budget and needs.

So, using the new merchant page is a great way to not only keep your eye on the latest deals, but also might just be the spot you discover your new favourite retailer on.

Check out PriceCheck’s new merchant deals here.


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