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How to Care for Your Denim


Denim is an extremely durable fabric, designed to get better with wear and age, but knowing how to care for your favourite pair of jeans or denim jacket will go a long way to prolonging the life of your garments. Investing in great quality denim apparel can undoubtedly be seen as a wardrobe investment, so if you’re serious about rocking those classic Levis or Wranglers for years to come, then consider the below tips to ensure maximum longevity for your much-loved denim items.

Wash less

To maintain the integrity and colour of your jeans, try not to wash them too often. Denim is a natural fibre, so it doesn’t really like being washed. In fact, the character is further formed in your jeans the more you wear them without washing in between. They start to mould to your body, distressing and rips will get bigger, and the colour will “wear” in a pattern unique to you. They will end up telling your unique story!

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If you need to wash your jeans because you spilt something on them, then consider doing a spot clean first. Why do a whole load of laundry if it’s not necessary? Try tackling the dirty spot using a damp cloth or even an old toothbrush with mild soap to remove small stains. It’s simple and will ensure you keep your jeans looking great. Avoiding laundry will help keep the fit you love true to you.

Everyday care

Aside from reduced washing, there are also a few easy daily care tips you can follow to prolong the lifespan of your favourite pair of jeans. First things first, when putting on your jeans, make sure you never pull them up using the belt loops, as doing this can cause unnecessary wear and tear. Always pull them up using the waistband as it’s a much stronger part of the garment.

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We’ve all been guilty of discarding worn clothes on that lone chair in your room with every intention of throwing it back on without a wash. But to get maximum mileage out of your jeans, hang it by belt loops. That way, you not only get to air them out but also ensure your jeans will retain their shape.

How to wash your jeans

When the time comes to wash your denim, there are a few rules to follow:

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  • First, turn your jeans inside out to preserve the colour. Turning your jeans inside out prevents excessive fading and colour loss. Faded jeans reflect your personal style, but a good fade comes from living in your jeans, not an aggressive spin cycle.
  • Use the right detergent. The indigo blue tint of your favourite jeans can wash out with harsh soaps so preserve your jeans with the right detergent. Many detergents are concentrated, so you don’t need much, and most are formulated for cold water to clean your clothes and keep their colour. Wash your jeans with a handful of salt or low enzyme detergent and a fabric softener.
  • Cold wash your denim. Choosing a cold-water spin cycle is added protection against fading and shrinking. Cold water also saves energy, saving you money, which means you’re doing a solid for your jeans, your energy bill, and the environment.
  • Air dry your jeans. Ever wonder where lint comes from? It’s your clothes breaking down in the dryer. Dryers are the natural enemy of jeans, so it makes sense to opt for a breezier option. Hang them up to dry to help preserve the fit and avoid possible shrinkage or fabric warping. If you live in an apartment, a collapsible clothes rack is perfect. You can keep them turned inside out (and out of the sun) to prevent fading and ensure the interior pockets will dry. And of course, hang drying is a free solution!

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