Thursday, December 2

Ghostbusters-Themed Transformers Toy Will Unleash the Nostalgia in You


What’s better than a Transformer? A Ghostbusters-themed Transformer – that’s what! Combining two iconic IPs, Hasbro’s limited edition line of Transformers toys sees the veteran toy company pair up with the Ghostbusters franchise, incorporating the recognisable red and white colour-scheme and logo onto the popular Transformers character, Optimus Prime.

This Ecto-1 edition of Optimus sees the Autobot leader representing the design, look, and feel akin to the Ghostbusters’ trademark vehicle.

To better handle paranormal threats, Optimus has his own proton pack to dispel and capture ghosts while Slimer comes with a large trap that can transform into a pad for the Autobot. The packaged toys come in a Ghostbusters/Transformers-branded pack that can be worn like a backpack.

Of course, this Transformers x Ghostbusters Optimus Prime Ecto-35 Edition is a limited figure, and will only be available at Comic-Con International in San Diego next month for $149. However, you can shop from a huge range of Transformers toys on PriceCheck!

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