Saturday, October 16

Canon Launches Pocket-Sized Super-Zoom Camera


Great news for photography enthusiasts, Canon has announced the launch of a brand new palm-sized, monocular-style fixed lens camera, the PowerShot ZOOM. The lightweight 12-megapixel camera is capable of shooting Full HD video and offers a unique super-zoom feature that gets you closer to the action.

With image stabilisation and an easy-to-use 3-step zoom, the Canon PowerShot ZOOM is designed to help users experience the moment and relive it in detail. The portable, monocular-style fixed lens camera offers 100mm, 400mm at apertures of f/5.6 and f/6.3 respectively, helping you get sharp focus on faraway subjects. The digitally extended 800mm zoom, offers excellent usability for casual bird watchers and nature explorers. The camera’s powerful DIGIC 8 processor helps to create sharp and colourful images while enabling 10fps burst speed shooting to capture in-the-moment action.

Canon PowerShot ZOOM

The new PowerShot ZOOM weighs just 145g and its unique single-lens design enables users to shoot quality still and video imagery without the need for heavy equipment. It’s the ideal camera for families enjoying outdoor activities or nature enthusiasts wanting to get closer to wildlife from afar.

With a minimal, ergonomic design, the Canon PowerShot ZOOM is an easy-to-use camera which produces great results. Five accessible buttons enable control with one hand, for both still imagery and Full HD movie capture during shooting and playback, as well as menu display for ease-of-use.

User can also easily connect the camera to their smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity and import, browse and geo-tag images through WiFi. Using WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity users can also unlock remote Live View shooting for stills via the Canon Camera Connect app.

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