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Buyer’s Guide: How to Score the Best Black Friday Deals in South Africa


Mark your calendar, Black Friday is taking place on 24 November 2021! Arguably the biggest retail day of the year, this year’s Black Friday is shaping up to be exactly that — BIG. With more shoppers looking for great deals than ever before,  many participating retailers are going all-out with their marketing efforts to ensure that deals and stocks are going to fly.

So, how do you make sure you get the best Black Friday deals in South Africa on all your favourite electronics, cellphones, gadgets, kitchen appliances and fashion? Here are some smart Black Friday shopping strategies to keep you ahead of the pack this Black Friday.

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Follow stores on social media

Most shops these days use social media as a marketing tool to reach consumers and inform them of deals, promotions, and specials throughout the year. And they will certainly be doing so by promoting their Black Friday 2021 deals as well. To get the tip-offs on the best deals this year make sure you follow and like your favourite shops and brands on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so you can stay ahead of all the best buys.

Subscribe to email newsletters

Even easier, sign up to the PriceCheck newsletter and get up-to-date info and get all the best deals aggregated in one place! Emails are another great way to keep in touch with stores and find out vital information about Black Friday 2021. Sign up for the PriceCheck newsletter as well as the newsletters of your favourite stores, so you don’t miss a beat. The PriceCheck newsletter include sthe best deals, need-to-knows and extremely informative articles and catalogues for Black Friday, so it’s a great resource for any savvy Black Friday shopper.


Make use of online shopping

Being able to touch and see the item directly is always a bonus when doing in-store shopping but not on Black Friday. Unless, of course, you’re willing to sleep in front of your favourite store, stand in dreadfully long queues, dodge possible trampling and sweat it out in exhausting traffic. Otherwise, you can simply shop online. Shopping online has many benefits and ensure you will get the best deals without breaking a sweat. With online shopping, you can be in three places at once, save petrol, have your goods delivered to your door, and be in the comfort of your home while you shop. It’s the safest option and the best way to take advantage of the deals from multiple retailers at once. 

Use price comparison sites

Before you shop up a storm on Black Friday, be sure to do your research and plan the items you want. Using a price comparison site, such as PriceCheck, is the best way to do this. PriceCheck is easy to use and will help you find the best deals on all your favourite items, quickly. It’s probably one of the greatest tools for online shoppers this coming Black Friday as you don’t need to visit each site individually. Africa’s largest comparison site, PriceCheck, has millions of products from thousands of stores and they’re all accessible at the click of a mouse. 

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Use the bookmark tools

Your success on Black Friday rests on your ability to plan. To ensure you don’t get caught out buying items that aren’t offering much of a saving, make sure you visit some of your favourite online stores now to search for the stuff you want and research prices. Once you know what you’re after, bookmark the pages and categories of the online stores you want to shop on this Black Friday and you’ll be able to easily access them on Black Friday. This is the best way to be in more than one place at a time. Google has many extensions and browser add-ons to assist and organise bookmarks.

Know what you want

While Black Friday offers a great opportunity to save big on the items you want, also be aware that many shops use Black Friday to clear out old stock and inflate deals to look better than they are. Be sure to do your research and know the prices of the things you want so you can ascertain if it really is a good deal or not. 

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Cheap doesn’t mean quality

Do thorough research and read through reviews on all your items on your wish list. Sometimes cheaper does not always mean quality on Black Friday. A few rands difference could mean a difference in future hassles so make sure you vet the items you want before buying them on Black Friday. 

Are you ready for Black Friday?

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