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7 Ways to Keep Your Body and Mind Active Throughout Winter


With the cooler weather fast approaching and outdoor exercise only be permitted during certain hours, it’s all too easy to abandon any form of physical activity you had going on in the summer months. Chilly early morning workouts aren’t for the faint of heart and it’s tempting to replace sweat sessions with morning lie-ins, hot chocolate, and TV series marathons. But, keeping an active lifestyle through the colder months, particularly during the lockdown, is important for both your body and mind. Here are just a few ways you can keep your body and your mind active during lockdown and throughout the winter months.

1. Look good, feel good


When your physical activity dips, so too can your general well-being, which is why it’s easy to slip into an anxious state of mind during winter. We know that when we look good, we feel good both physically and mentally. This winter, show more love for your beautiful skin, and your whole body, by keeping up with your physical activity and your skincare routine even in cold weather.

2. Switch up your routine

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Routine is great for results but doing the same thing day0in-and-day-out can also become tiring. If your fitness or meal plans are becoming boring, consider trying something different. Attending a new online fitness class, experimenting with exercise variations and trying new recipes might just help to pull you out of your funk, prevent you from plateauing and find your inner fire to train again.

3. Rope in a real-life or virtual exercise buddy


Sometimes, when motivation declines, even pre-scheduled online classes and exercise clothes laid out for the next day aren’t enough to keep you from cancelling. To keep yourself accountable phone a friend to join you virtually or rope in someone you live with to sweat it out with you. It’s a lot easier to cancel when you’re only accountable to yourself, but when you’ve agreed to exercise with someone else you generally won’t want to let them down.

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4. Eat a nutritious diet


While you may be more drawn to warmer and heavier foods this time of year, make sure you’re getting in your fair share of nutritious foods, and that you aren’t only relying on treats to boost your mood. Carb-heavy comfort foods can leave you feeling even more tired and lethargic than you already felt. Starting your day with a glass of water is a great way to ‘wake up’ your body and keep you hydrated. We may not perspire in winter as much as we do in summer, but you don’t want to find yourself dehydrated and feeling exhausted as a result.

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5. Get up and go

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If you’re struggling to get out of bed in the morning, consider switching out your normal, jarring alarm clock tone on your smartphone for a song that gets you going. It doesn’t need to be a heavy rave tune but something that lifts your mood and energy will do wonders for your ability to get out of bed on the first try.

6. Dress the part

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As the saying goes; “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choices.” When it comes to staying motivated to exercise, this really does ring true. Is it time to upgrade your workout gear? New leggings or trainers may just be the motivation you need to exercise regularly – even if you are in your living room.

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7. Look after your mind

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Don’t forget to take some time to look after your mind too. Whether it’s listening to a podcast, dancing to music from your favourite artist or reading a book, if there’s something that stimulates you, no matter how small, make time for it, and it may just alter the course of your day. Self-care is important for your overall wellbeing and will help you to de-stress.

8. Look after your skin


There’s nothing like a hot shower or bath when the weather outside is cold, however, the heat strips your skin of its natural oils leaving it feeling dry and uncomfortable. Invest in good, nourishing creams and lotions to treat your skin.

For an affordable option, try something like Clere Pure Glycerine Crème. Containing vitamins E & A, which are gentle, yet effective on dry skin, this nourishing cream offers 48-hour moisturisation and is a real treat for dry skin as a result of the cold winter air. Apply a thick layer of crème on your skin, paying attention to the very dry spots, before you go to bed. This gives your skin time to heal overnight.

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