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5 Strategies to Maintain your Lifestyle for Less in 2021


Let’s face it; 2020 was a tough year financially for many of us. This year, as lockdowns continue, it’s important to consider ways to make your money stretch a little further. Adopting better money management habits is the easiest way to ensure your salary and savings are able to keep you covered for everyday expenses as well as those unexpected costs. Of course, if you work hard, you also want to spoil yourself with a few little luxuries every now and then. So, how do you ensure you’re able to maintain your lifestyle while still managing to save and cut back? Check out these 5 strategies to maintain your lifestyle for less in 2021.

1. Learn to be more frugal

Learning to be more frugal is going to be a key lifestyle trend in 2021 but, curbing your spending doesn’t necessarily mean a complete change in the way you live and socialise. Exchanging your social life for a savings account isn’t the only way to go out and have fun without going broke. It’s ok to have balance. Learn to cut back where you can and give yourself room to enjoy the fruits of your labour as well.

2. Shop the specials

Few things feel as good as shopping a bargain. Why spend money buying products at full price when you can get them for less? Paying less for something does not decrease its value, it means you’re smart enough to make beneficial financial decisions. This year shop around for specials and deals and compare prices of the item you’re after before taking the plunge. Use an online price comparison tool like PriceCheck to help you find the best prices on the things you want and need. You’ll save big in the long run and can use that extra money for savings or to spoil yourself a little with a meal at a restaurant or a weekend away with the family.

3. Shop online:

The digital age has not only made shopping so much easier, it also gives you the opportunity to compare prices from multiple online stores at the touch of a button. Just remember to only shop on reputable sites, so that you can protect your personal information and not fall victim to cybercrime. PriceCheck not only gives you the tools to compare prices across multiple online retailers at once, but you can also be sure that the retailers are vetted by PriceCheck.

Want to save on your monthly grocery bill? Doing your grocery shopping online will help to curb impulsive in-store spending on non-essentials, helping you save where it counts.

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Shopping Online

4. Join a loyalty programme:

72% of South Africans are part of a loyalty programme, and it’s no wonder why. Loyalty programmes are designed to give you more for less. There are different types of loyalty programmes, from point-based systems to paid programmes. First Loyalty, for example, is a paid programme that enables you to save up to 50% on holidays, movies, coffees and even spa treatments. You also get R120 cashback on meals.

The Legacy Lifestyle rewards programme is another great option. The rewards programme allows you to earn and spend reward points at over 200 luxury lifestyle partners around South Africa and abroad using one card.

5. Stay home:

It may sound silly, but consider this; every time you leave the house you’re bound to incur a cost — be it for petrol, an Uber or even a coffee on your walk. Heed our the President’s plea to “Stay home and stay safe” and you are guaranteed to save too. But again, it’s ok to have balance. Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean that you can’t order in (take-out is significantly cheaper than going to a restaurant) or download a movie online. Enjoy the things you love for less, all in the comfort of your home.


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