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Highlights from Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress, the conference in which cellphone manufacturers show their plans for the rest of the year, is as we speak being held in Barcelona.  A lot of mobile phones have been launched and tablets are also getting some coverage. A few story lines so far: Google has positioned Android in the background. The purpose is to provide their […]

HTC to acquire an Operating System?

HTC are interested in acquiring an operating system, if media reports are to be believed.  The potential acquisition has raised some eyebrows as it has been a tad unexpected.  I believe very strongly that motivation for this acquisition is in response to Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility. HTC was arguably the biggest loser in the Motorola Mobility acquisition as they were […]

HP To Acquire Palm

Hewlett Packard (HP) have announced that they will be purchasing smartphone manufacturer Palm. Palm has been experiencing severe capital losses in the last 6 months as users have not bought their phones in large numbers, as projected by the company. HP has been on a company acquisition spree as they recently acquired 3Com, a networking giant. I think that HP is […]


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