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Sony to help Olympus?

Clearly the economic situation at Olympus was much worse than what the electronics manufacturer was letting on. The Japanese electronic manufacturers are under pressure with regards to competition from Chinese manufacturing plants and competitors. Sony, Nikon and Olympus are under pressure. That is stating it mildly; their long term future is on the line. Sony announced a capital injection of […]

Sony Cyber-shot TX200V: Small but feisty

Sony has unveiled new Cyber-shot digital cameras. It is becoming pretty obvious that Sony is becoming more reliant on their consumer electronic goods. Their gaming console , TV  and Online Entertainment divisions are under pressure. They launched 3 cameras; Sony Cyber-shot TX200V, Cyber-shot WX70 & Cyber-shot WX50 but one caught my attention. The Cyber-shot TX200V seems to be a high specification point […]

Is Sony under pressure?

Something is going on at Sony. Call it deck chairs moving or trouble in paradise, Sony is definitely going through a period of change. Sony spent $8.4 billion on mergers and acquisitions in 2011.  A majority of that amount went into operations to boost their phones and content. In October they acquire Ericsson’s share in their cellphone joint venture to ensure […]

Sony Ericsson no more, just Sony and Ericsson

Where there is smoke, there normally is fire.  I have been keeping an eye on Sony for the last few weeks and I am of the belief that something BIG is happening behind the scenes at the Japanese behemoth. Sony it seems is in position of weakness in various categories it operates in. Samsung and Apple are predominantly the companies […]

It’s The End For Sony’s MiniDisc Walkman

Sony has announced it is to end production of its MiniDisc Walkman portable music player in September 2011. The decision must have been a difficult one for Sony after having the MiniDisc Walkman on the market for 19 years. Sony has taken the decision to stop manufacturing the MiniDisc Walkman, a product which first appeared on the market back in 1992. […]

Sony Breathes Life Into The PSP

The Console gaming war has been taken to new heights with Sony unveiling their newest contender called the PlayStation Vita. Sony has been very quiet on the development front for the last 18 months. Nintendo ( Nintendo 3DS ) and Microsoft (The Kinect)  have both already launched new additions to their respective product lines. I believe the Vita is a direct […]

The Sony Meltdown

Sony has had a tough 3 weeks. It started with an outage to their PlayStation Network (PSN) which has escalated to one of the biggest network compromises in recent history.  I however believe that Sony should have done some things differently, but hindsight is an exact science which makes people seem smart: They should have played their cards more honestly with […]

PlayStation or Phone?

Who would buy a PlayStation that can be a phone? Honestly, I would consider it. The mobile gaming space is hot at the moment. Sony, who has dominated the gaming landscape for many years, are under pressure from other manufacturers. The iPhone and iPod Touch has made Apple a very strong contender in the mobile gaming space.  Rumours have been […]

The Sony Alpha NEX-5

Technology is all about streamlining and optimizing. The gadgets have decreased in size at an astounding rate in a relatively short period of time. Remember the size of your first cell phone? Or the size of a high end film camera ten years ago?  It seems that they were designed in another century. Now the majority can fit comfortably in […]


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