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10 birthday candles for Skype

Today is Skype’s 10th birthday, a unique moment for the company. Technology companies that age are indicative of a great idea or a disruptor of a traditional event (using the telephone to make international calls). Skype has seen it all in their 10 years of operation. They have been acquired twice – first by eBay who then sold them to Microsoft. […]

9 birthday candles for Skype

In terms of internet companies Skype (the company who disrupted telecommunication and communication) is fast becoming a mature business (I can get myself to say that Skype is old). Think about it for a minute. Do you remember where you where 9 years ago? I doubt if many people (excluding those who have birthdays or those who got married on […]

Skype turns 8

Skype, one of the greatest internet companies to have come from Europe turned 8 yesterday. In all honesty when I saw that on a few blogs, I thought that it was not possible. Has it really been 8 years since they entered the market? There are a few companies that have disrupted traditional services through ingenuity but Skype changed […]

Will Mango be the fire starter for Microsoft?

Redmond in California is a hive of activity at the moment. Microsoft, the desktop darling is trying to re-engineer itself into a company that is relevant and at the forefront of mobile technology. Regular readers will know that I am doubtful about the company as I believe there is no single fix for this corporate monster. […]

In Search Of The Perfect VoIP Headset

Telephones, cellphones and most of your consumer electronic devices are inherently designed to assist the user with communication. Yes, the daily fight with your inbox can sometimes feel like a Mount Everest expedition.  Then add in sms’s from friends and family and it feels like one never ending line of communication, which is not a bad thing. I have started using […]


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