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Big changes at Research in Motion

Winds of change are starting to blow over Research in Motion (RIM) in Canada. On Sunday co-CEO’s Jim Balsillie and Mike Laziridis handed over their duties to Thorsten Heins.  Heins has been Chief Operating Officer of RIM (BlackBerry) for the past 4 years. The fact that the RIM board felt the CEO position should be held by an insider without […]

Black days for BlackBerry

Last week BlackBerry had 4 days of service meltdown. There is no other way to describe it, as users battled to access their email and use BlackBerry Internet Services (BIS).  It all started on Monday morning as users in Europe, the Middle East and Africa saw that their message folders were empty. Many customers experienced service interruptions and delays over a […]

Is the RIM falling off the wheel that drives BlackBerry?

BlackBerry is in trouble and I mean big trouble. I might be clutching at straws but I sense the Canadian smart phone giant is in an “all-in” mode with its Playbook tablet. Cue the death march, maybe but I sense all is not well. In South Africa at the moment, BlackBerry is the fastest growing smart phone manufacturer. It does not […]


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