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Mac OS X Lion To Rule In The Software Jungle

In October 2010 when Apple unveiled Mac OS X Lion it seemed that it was just another tech announcement.  Apple announcements are what define free advertising in my opinion. They don’t make any announcements before it is done officially and refrain from answering direct questions on future products. Bloggers and rumours have become partners with regards to Apple announcements.  However […]

Apple’s Cloudy iFuture

Apple made yesterday a historical day in various ways. Steve Jobs was to launch software and no actual new devices (iPhone 5). The media knew in advance which Apple products would be unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Why did they take this extra ordinary unexpected step? Simple, to ensure that the new software does not get lost in […]

Apple Unveil Mac OS X Lion

A Snow Leopard has been replaced with a Lion. I don’t work for National Parks nor do I work for WWF or any zoo for that matter. Steve Jobs has revealed the latest version of the Mac Operating System. Lion is an Unix operating system, based on the NeXTSTEP operating system and the Mach kernel which Apple acquired after purchasing […]


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