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Apple iPad 2 Review

After my huge portion of humble pie which I ate after the initial Apple iPad launch I purchased an Apple iPad 2. Talk about irony and more ironic twists; it seems that my initial reservations over Apple iPad were totally unfounded. I consume a lot of online media (magazines, RSS feeds and blog posts) and took the decision to buy an […]

Apple iPad 2 accessories

So you purchased an Apple iPad 2 recently and now you begin to wonder what next in terms of accessories? In my opinion it all starts with a screen protector. Yes, the display is mind blowing but it is the biggest asset that iPad users are dependent on, on a daily basis. So protect it from scratches. Secondly, consider getting a keyboard. […]

The Second Generation Apple iPad

I deserve a large serving of humble pie. When the first Apple iPad was released a year ago, I painted a bleak picture.  The device was in my opinion doomed and going to be a disaster. Why on earth did I doubt Apple? Simple, I don’t drink their Koolaid. I failed as most gadget maniacs to recognise the impact that […]


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