Luxury Brands Embrace Technology
Known the world over as one of the premiere, luxury cognac brands, Rémy Martin has long stood for tradition and innovation. Continuing that tradition, Rémy Martin together with Kazendi, a HoloLens development studio, has developed a playful and educational way to allow clients to experience their brand. Accompanied by... Read more
Project Scorpio Is Xbox One X
Ever since word got out that Microsoft was working on a new, more powerful Xbox – codenamed Project Scorpio – console gamers were salivating over the mysterious device. At E3 2017, Microsoft finally took the wraps off of Project Scorpio – now officially known as Xbox One X. Microsoft says... Read more
Windows 10 Creators Update Now Available
Windows, the most used OS, is continuously evolving. The latest iteration is the Windows 10 Creators Update. The third major release for Windows 10, Microsoft says that it “will unveil a next wave of innovation on the world’s most widely used operating system for users.” Today, more than 400... Read more
Meet Microsoft’s New Surface Pro
Microsoft has announced its new Surface Pro. That’s right, Surface Pro. Not Surface Pro 5, Simply Surface Pro. For its latest laptop / tablet, Microsoft has opted to drop numerals from the naming convention. The new Surface Pro continues the look and feel of previous Surface Pros, but has... Read more
Microsoft Introduces Windows 10 S
Microsoft unveiled a slew of new products yesterday, including new Surface laptops and a new-ish operating system called Windows 10 S. What is Windows 10 S? Windows 10 S is a configuration of Windows 10 Pro which was essentially designed for students. Microsoft says that their teams traveled the... Read more
It took a change of CEO but Microsoft is currently in transition mode. Executives are being moved around to new departments and Microsoft is doing “unMicrosoft things”. First example of the change seen at Microsoft: Microsoft has finally enabled the Office franchise on iOS and Android devices. Yes, you... Read more
My Name is Nadella, Satya Nadella
February 2014 will be a historic month in the history of Microsoft. Satya Nadella became the third CEO of the Redmond based company succeeding Steve Ballmer. Nadella is going to have his hands full as he needs to reposition Microsoft to a software company that is less reliant on... Read more
The last few months have been interesting for Microsoft. In August, Microsoft announced that longtime CEO, Steve Ballmer will be “retiring”. The retiring in all honesty reads like a revolt against him that was driven by shareholders. Ballmer got the keys to the Microsoft kingdom from Bill Gates in January 2000, ... Read more
One of the worst kept secrets finally became fact yesterday. Microsoft has acquired Nokia’s devices & services business. Nokia’s device business was the one part of the business making little headway. Building on the partnership with Nokia announced in February 2011 and the increasing success of Nokia’s Lumia, Microsoft... Read more
Today is Skype’s 10th birthday, a unique moment for the company. Technology companies that age are indicative of a great idea or a disruptor of a traditional event (using the telephone to make international calls). Skype has seen it all in their 10 years of operation. They have been... Read more