Amazon’s finally made a waterproof Kindle
Amazon has been making Kindles for ten years, and with every new generation there have been iterative improvements. Image and font quality have improved, the e-ink display has undergone incredible improvements, the devices have gotten thinner and lighter, but one of thew few things that Amazon hasn’t done is make... Read more
When most people think about ebooks, the Amazon Kindle comes to mind. In South Africa it might also be the Gobii eReader. eBooks are now becoming more main stream and is no longer an exclusive club of users who read books on a digital device. The Amazon Kindle has... Read more
Amazon has decided it is time to up the ante against tablet manufacturers.  The Kindle is arguably the greatest E-Reader currently in terms of sales. Being able to purchase and read books on your device has never been easier. As a Kindle owner the only problem I have with... Read more
Amazon have unveiled in their latest software update for their e-reader that they will be adding page numbers to their offering.  This may seem to be very minor but I think it would greatly improve the reading experience of Kindle owners. The feature update includes: Public Notes — This... Read more
If all we read is to be believed, traditional media is dead, publishing has an uncertain future and the digital revolution can save the entire industry. iTunes and eBooks are the superheroes that troll the content cities trying to save them. The iPad and the Amazon Kindle are currently... Read more
The eBook reader industry today got shaken up with the news that Amazon will be releasing a newer Kindle. The newer version will feature Wi-Fi and 3G to compete with the Apple iPad. In also highlights that there is a place in the market for e reading devices running... Read more