Apple’s New iPad Pro’s Available In South Africa
Apple’s iPad Pro was originally aimed at designers and people who needed a portable computing device that was lighter than a laptop and more powerful than a regular tablet. When Apple unveiled the iPad Pro, many people were hoping that this would be the breakthrough device that would be... Read more
The Biggest Announcements From Apple’s WWDC (part 2)
Apple announced quite a few things at its WWDC Keynote, we’ve spoken about the software announcements in a different article, which means that this one is dedicated to all the new hardware. HomePod Apple has finally unveiled its Echo competitor, HomePod. It uses spacial awareness to tune and fill... Read more
What To Expect From WWDC 2017
Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote kicks off 7pm local SAST (South Africa Standard Time) tonight. The conference is usually filled with software and OS news and updates, however it seems like Apple has let one piece of news slip prior to the start of the event. According to... Read more
What’s New In iOS 10.3
While you were sleeping last night, Apple pushed out iOS 10.3, the latest update to its mobile operating system. It’s not a complete overhaul of the OS, however it does come with a few new tricks. One of the most asked for features is the ability to locate AirPods... Read more

The mini That Drives Apple

Apple 8th November 2012

The Apple iPad mini is available for the public to buy ( in certain markets it is on preorder). In the US Apple claim they sold 3 million of the devices in the opening weekend. It almost reads like a movie opening night, never mind a consumer electronics device... Read more
Last night (South African time) Apple unveiled their third generation iPad. A few things were done yesterday that were very different to the old Apple. When Steve Jobs was still CEO it seemed that Apple did not listen to their customers regarding features for a new product. The new... Read more
After last weeks announcement that there have been 25 billion app downloads on both the iPhone and iPad, it is no wonder that tomorrow is a day that Apple fans have been looking forward to for a while.  Tomorrow sees the official unveiling of the third generation iPad.  Normally... Read more
In 2011, the must have electronic device has been a tablet and I am pretty sure that I can make the argument that tablet usage has become mainstream.  This thought has been confirmed by the amount of tablets (not to be confused with medicine) I have seen in coffee... Read more
Intellectual property is what companies use to protect algorithms, product design and certain things that the public never see but use on a daily basis. Every time you do a google search you are using a piece of software code that is arguably one of the most secret pieces... Read more
There are certain technology companies that one needs to keep an eye on. IBM, Dell, Sun Microsystems, Google, HP and lately Apple are in this group that has select membership. They either have a history of immense success in a short space of time that leads to an era... Read more