Meet HTC’s New Squeezable Phone

HTC’s new flagship is shiny and squeezable, but according to HTC South Africa “HTC devices are no longer available in SA”

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Apple Is The Most Actively Used Mobile Tech Brand
The battle for smartphone supremacy has been mostly fought between 2 major companies. According to a report by Newzoo, based on a sample of 550 million actively used devices across, Apple reigns supreme with a 34.8 percent share of monthly active users across the globe. This might not be much of... Read more
HTC has had a very difficult 2013. They lost their status as a Tier 1 manufacturer as phone part suppliers. This ensures that HTC will always have a competitive disadvantage against Samsung, Apple and others (the list of manufacturers is a closely guarded secret and not publicly available). Secondly... Read more
It is not often that a business such as HTC falls from grace (not confirmed). In HTC’s case they are no longer a tier one manufacturer thus they need to wait for parts (while Samsung and Apple have parts shipped). Suddenly product launches need to be thought through carefully... Read more
We are in the middle of one of my most favorite weeks of the year. No, its not the end of February that leads into March but rather the fact that the entire world is focused on Spain. Barcelona is hosting the Mobile World Congress in which all the... Read more
HTC are interested in acquiring an operating system, if media reports are to be believed.  The potential acquisition has raised some eyebrows as it has been a tad unexpected.  I believe very strongly that motivation for this acquisition is in response to Google’s purchase of Motorola Mobility. HTC was... Read more
Three dimensional viewing of content on any device is the next big challenge that electronic manufacturers face. Consider the impact High Definition has had on TV’s and the services that have been made especially for it, etc. Once you have viewed anything on an HD LCD TV, you can... Read more
HTC continue to keep rolling out mobile phones that showcase high build quality. The HTC Desire is no different as HTC keep building on their positive perception, that the HTC Hero and the Google Nexus One have. They have been the closest to being worthy iPhone challengers in my... Read more