Review: Samsung 70″ UHD Flat LED TV 7000 series
It’s a sensational visual adventure packed with intrigue. The UHD resolution and the premium High Dynamic Range (HDR) enhances picture detail, giving you exhilarating viewing pleasure – this is your very own home cinema! “What is UHD (4K), you ask?” It means that you are viewing content at 4... Read more
Review: Fondi T725B 4 GB Tablet with Wi-Fi
AFFORDABLE! Let’s face it; a lot of us don’t want to spend a fortune on a device when we’ll only use a fraction of the features. Fondi has come to the party and is offering just that: a very budget-friendly tab that uses the popular Android OS – KitKat... Read more
Sony Xperia Go 8 GB
The Sony Xperia Go is built and designed for an active lifestyle. Whether you’re in water or on land, it will be enjoying the fun with you. So, let’s take a look at what you can expect from your trusty companion. It’s a reliable, easy-going friend for the summer... Read more
Hisense 49” Smart UHD 4K Flat TV
There’s only one way to say it: UHD resolution is extraordinary; once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never go back to anything else. Hisense hasn’t stopped there, they’ve also given you access to your favourite social media apps – whether you’re catching up with friends on Facebook, tweeting your opinions... Read more
FitBit Alta HR
Fitbit’s new Alta HR is essentially an incrementally upgraded version of last year’s Alta. It’s the slimmest continuous heart rate tracker in the company’s catalogue, but other than the heart rate tracking and the redesigned band, it’s pretty much the same device as  its predecessor. That’s both a good... Read more
Review: Apple iPad Air 2 9.7” 64 GB Tablet with Wi-Fi
The first-generation iPad Air was designed to be the definition of an ultra-portable tab and, somehow, Apple has managed to build a tablet that is even lighter – weighing only 437 grams – than its predecessor; but, is making this iteration of the Air – even more lean –... Read more
Review: iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB
The iPhone 7 Plus (and the iPhone 7) are possibly the hottest phones on the market. As with all Apple products, the hype leading up to its release was off the chart. So, let’s get a taste of the 7 Plus to see if it’s as impressive its sibling.... Read more
Review: Minecraft – Xbox One
Release your creativity! Minecraft employs the sandbox genre, which allows you to have complete autonomy – the only limit is the extent of your imagination. Platform: Xbox One Genre: Sandbox; Survival Game mode: Single-player; multiplayer Inventiveness, ingenuity, strategy and overall fun is what this game is all about! Let... Read more
Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1” 16 GB Tablet with Wi-Fi
The 10.1-inch tablet market is pretty competitive with brands pushing out devices at a rapid rate; focus on ergonomics, build quality, performance and ability to accommodate all types of multimedia is essential and with the Tab 4, Samsung has managed to construct an affordable tab with respectable specs and... Read more
Watch Dogs 2 – Gold Edition – PS4
If you loved Watch Dogs then the sequel, Watch Dogs 2 is an absolute must-have! CtOS has expanded to another city, essentially controlling everything and everyone – your life can be shattered at any time, no one is safe! Platform: PS4 Genre: Action adventure, third-person shooter Game mode: Single-player;... Read more