The Latest (And Last) BlackBerry Will Be Revealed On 25th February
Awhile back it was announced that BlackBerry will no longer be designing or manufacturing phones internally, and at the latest CES it was hinted that a final BlackBerry phone would be officially revealed sometime early this year.  The BlackBerry Mercury will be revealed on the 25th of February   Dubbed... Read more
Apple Macbook Gets Rose Gold Finish And Speed Boost
Apple’s latest line of 12-inch Macbook’s will feature some nifty new updates including a new CPU and the iPhone’s rose gold finish. Love it or hate it, the iPhone’s rose gold paint job is one of it’s most instantly recognisable features. Apple has given their flagship 12-inch Macbook a colour makeover;... Read more


Relaunch 18th October 2010

We’ve been busy. The PriceCheck team has been racing against time to bring you what we think is one of the most cutting edge comparison sites around. Just in time for your festive shopping, we know you’ll love the new PriceCheck.

The development, marketing, content and sales teams (my band of merry men) have been slaving away for weeks to bring you something we’re really proud of.

We’ve revolutionised shopping comparison in SA, and have revamped your favourite comparison site in a big way. Shopping comparison is now more fun and more social. And, there’s far more info at your fingertips.

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