Blast From The Past: 4 New Nostalgic Gadgets
Looking back on the past is part of human nature. And, companies have been quick to cash in on nostalgia in recent years. The last few months have been particularly filled with re-launches of old tech devices. From a revamped Nokia 3310, to a new Tamagotchi, here are a... Read more
Review: Nokia Lumia 800 16 GB
“Stands out from the crowd” would be an understatement! The Lumia 800 sports a head-turning design and a high-quality build. It’s the Nokia phone to use Microsoft’s Windows operating system. Calling all social media lovers! If posting, tweeting and instagramming is the main purpose on your phone, then listen... Read more
Review: Nokia Lumia 520 8 GB
Impressive specs at a wallet-pleasing price! It’s perfect if you want a phone that can perform vital tasks such as web browsing and instant messaging. The Lumia 520 is part of the second-generation of Nokia phones that use a Microsoft-based – Windows – operating system. Nokia had great success... Read more
This Is What The Relaunched Nokia 3310 Looks Like
When we first heard the news that Nokia would be unveiling a newly designed 3310 at this years Mobile World Conference needless to say we were excited.  Here’s what the relaunched Nokia 3310 will look like   The new 3310 is still very much the same phone it was... Read more
Is The Nokia 3310 Making A Comeback?
Who doesn’t remember the Nokia 3310? Easily the most well-known Nokia model of it’s time, the 3310 was renowned for it’s  compact size, excellent battery life and it’s resiliency. And if you were lucky enough to own a Nokia 3310 back in the day, we’ve got some good news... Read more
5 Phones For Under R1000
Getting a great phone at a great price has become something of a rarity these days. Usually, if you want a good phone, you have to be willing to pay for it. But, with a bit of searching around, we’ve found some decent phones for under R1000! They might... Read more
Nokia Is Making A Comeback Early Next Year
Following an acquisition by Microsoft the Finish-based manufacturer Nokia halted production of any new phones; that is until now. Nokia is back and will be releasing two new models as early as the first quarter of next year We haven’t heard much from Nokia after the brand was acquired... Read more
5 Smartphones You Can Pick Up For Under R2 000
With our monthly budgets being torn into every month by necessities like food and electricity sometimes getting the latest Galaxy or iPhone just isn’t an option. Thankfully there are more affordable options out there, and while they may be on the lower end of the performance spectrum, the smartphones... Read more
Last night Nokia cryptically told the world that they will be unveiling “something big”. Not  too much  information was given and then at 9am UK time they unveiled the following: The Nokia Lumia 625. Product manager Vinay Jayakumar said that “The transition to 4G is gathering pace. With a... Read more
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