The New Nissan GT-R is Available in SA!
Calling all supercar enthusiasts, the 2017 consignment of the Nissan GT-R is now available in South Africa! What a beautiful – and luxurious – beast!   Hugo Richards, General Manager at BB Motor Group, comments, “It seems as though the GT-R Black Edition, with its new red and black interior... Read more
Smell Amazing, All the Time
It’s closing in on 5 pm, you have a date and the perfume you sprayed this morning is overwhelmed by the “smell of work”. Well, this is just one scenario but a slowly vanishing fresh scent, after a long day, is common. So, why is it your perfume doesn’t... Read more
Review: Nintendo 3DS
Play MORE of what you want, when you want, with Nintendo’s new 3DS. It boasts a host of fantastic features that will enhance your gaming experience. It’s the perfect, portable gaming system to suit your lifestyle. *Note: This review is for the New Nintendo 3DS Nintendo’s latest version of... Read more
These Supplements Could Help You Lose Weight Faster
Are you eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, but that the stubborn weight just won’t fall off! Well, in cases like these, it’s usually your body signalling to you that it needs something else. Perhaps a supplement or multivitamin? We combined a list of the best supplements that will aid in... Read more
Hisense Shoots And Scores In Preparation For FIFA 2018
Hisense has recently announced their status as an official partner for FIFA 2018. We spoke to Ryan Curling, Brand Manager at Hisense SA, about what this means for Hisense SA. PC (PriceCheck): What are the other exciting marketing initiatives you have planned (in South Africa) in the lead up to... Read more
These Houseplants Will Help You Concentrate
The city or “Concrete Jungle” with its hustle and bustle, makes strolling in the park an unusual luxury. But whether it’s a pot plant to spruce up your desk or even the scenic beauty of a forest, nature’s ability to soften the stress of everyday life is simply remarkable.... Read more
The Best Single Malt Whiskies Are…
If you’re a whisky fan, then you might want to try out Glenmorangie Lasanta and Ardbeg Corryvreckan, both of which won awards at the prestigious World Whiskies Awards. Glenmorangie, which originated in the Scottish Highlands in 1843, was awarded Best Highland Single Malt for Glenmorangie Lasanta.  Meanwhile, Ardbeg, the... Read more
Toasty Tips To Make Your Winter Less Miserable
With the slight drop in temperature, it’s clear winter is peeking its frigid head around the corner. Yes, it is time to pack away the shorts and t-shirts to make room for jerseys and shuffle socks. Does this season get you down? Don’t worry. Here are a few simple... Read more
Hello Moto
Motorola is one of the most well known names in mobile, however they’ve been missing from local shores for a number of years. In October 2016, the brand returned to South Africa with the introduction of the Moto Z. Graham Braum, General Manager for Mobile Business Group, Lenovo Africa,... Read more
YouTube TV Is Live
Everyone loves TV. We love the shows, live sports, and can’t-miss events that drive our FOMO and need for #spoileralerts. But while what we watch on TV seems to get better every year, the way we watch TV never seems to change. How long do we have to wait... Read more