The Golden Wonders Of Turmeric and How It Will Change Your Life
Hippocrates wrote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” And yet, we still find ourselves running towards prescription drugs for easy fixes. A perfect example of the healing power of food is contained in the powder we commonly use for curry – turmeric. The orange-yellow spice... Read more
Ford Appoints New CEO
Ford Motor Company has announced that Jim Hackett is its new president and CEO. The company has also announced key global leadership changes which they say are “designed to further strengthen its core automotive business and accelerate a strategic shift to capitalize on emerging opportunities.” Hackett, 62, has had... Read more
Science Proves That Hiking Changes Your Brain
It has long been suggested that being around nature changes human behaviour. The mere presence of a plant in your office or home, not only increases concentration but also changes your response to stimuli. So, as we distance ourselves even further from nature through an upsurge of urbanisation, it... Read more
GM Motors has announced Chevrolet phase-out in South Africa
GM Motors has announced an exit plan for some of its operations in South Africa. The bombshell dropped yesterday – Chevrolet manufacturing and sales will be phased out. However, it seems that Isuzu light-commercial vehicle sales will continue. The reason for the decision is apparently due to a change... Read more
Overview : Huawei P10
“With Huawei P10 and P10+ we have created a smartphone that revolutionises and redefines portrait photography. Thanks to the evolution of our partnership with Leica Camera, users now have an incredible Leica front camera on their Huawei device in addition to the rear. To match this innovation inside, Huawei’s... Read more
Overview: Huawei P10 Plus
Huawei has just announced the launch of its new flagship devices – the P10 and P10 Plus – in Johannesburg, South Africa. Following the success of its predecessor, the P9 and P9 Plus, there was much hype around what they could possibly improve/add to the latest iteration. So, let’s... Read more
Western Digital SSDs are now available in South Africa
The long wait is over! Western Digital solid state drives are now available in the country. There are currently 2 models available: Green and Blue. So, why has it taken the company so long to release SSDs? The answer is simple: WD wanted to ensure that they were not... Read more
Hands-on Review: Sony Xperia X Compact
Smartphones are getting bigger, but not everyone wants a larger phone, that’s the thought that crossed my mind when I first held the Sony Xperia Compact.  Not only does the Xperia X Compact excel in one-handed use, but the lower specs do not negatively impact it either. First impression... Read more
X Marks The Spot: BeatsX is Here
BeatsX is part of the company’s new line of earphones which incorporate Apple’s new W1 chip. Beats says that the BeatsX are “expertly designed to accommodate sophisticated audio advancements within its small form factor.” The earphones are compatible with both iOS and Android devices and features Class 1 Bluetooth... Read more
The New Nissan GT-R is Available in SA!
Calling all supercar enthusiasts, the 2017 consignment of the Nissan GT-R is now available in South Africa! What a beautiful – and luxurious – beast!   Hugo Richards, General Manager at BB Motor Group, comments, “It seems as though the GT-R Black Edition, with its new red and black interior... Read more