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5 Phones For Under R1000
Getting a great phone at a great price has become something of a rarity these days. Usually, if you want a good phone, you have to be willing to pay for it. But, with a bit of searching around, we’ve found some decent phones for under R1000! They might... Read more
Apple MacBook Pro Alternatives
Apple’s MacBook range has been in desperate need of a refresh. Many people have held off getting a new MacBook in hopes that the new devices would be impressive pieces of hardware that would make any laptop user weep with longing. Apple MacBook Pro Alternatives To say that the... Read more
5 Of Our Favourite Windows 10 Features
The one-year anniversary of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system is just around the corner and we’re looking back at the 10th iteration of the world’s most popular OS. Here are 5 of the features we consider to be the greatest that Windows 10 currently has to offer, and some... Read more
New Xbox One S Gets Release Date
The current Xbox One console is exactly the most lightweight or portable console, which is why the announcement that a newer, slimmer and sleeker Xbox One is arriving soon is welcome news. Microsoft have announced that the new Xbox One S will be releasing in selected regions on August 2nd.... Read more
New Microsoft Xbox One Slim Revealed In Leaked Images
Just one day ahead of Microsoft’s annual E3 conference, images of a slimmer, sleeker Xbox One unit have leaked onto the internet. Aside from the leaked images, a few spec details have also emerged which tell of a more powerful home console than earlier models. Dubbed the “Xbox Slim” the new... Read more
Microsoft’s Hologram Technology May Also Run Virtual Reality Hardware
Microsoft first announced their hologram technology in June 2015, the device was a single piece of hardware which could blend real world scenarios with digital imagery. Microsoft already manufacturers hundreds of different handheld devices such as the Surface Pro 4 or the Lumia 650 smartphone, but now the software giant... Read more
Step-by-Step On How To Play PS4 Games On Your Mac And PC
More than two years after it’s initial release date, Playstation 4 owners will now be able to control their consoles via a PC or Mac. Arguably the world’s most popular gaming console, the Playstation 4 can now do what the Xbox One has been capable of for years; remotely... Read more
It took a change of CEO but Microsoft is currently in transition mode. Executives are being moved around to new departments and Microsoft is doing “unMicrosoft things”. First example of the change seen at Microsoft: Microsoft has finally enabled the Office franchise on iOS and Android devices. Yes, you... Read more
My Name is Nadella, Satya Nadella
February 2014 will be a historic month in the history of Microsoft. Satya Nadella became the third CEO of the Redmond based company succeeding Steve Ballmer. Nadella is going to have his hands full as he needs to reposition Microsoft to a software company that is less reliant on... Read more
Over the weekend a very interesting story broke in technology circles. HP communicated to customers that they are able to acquire Desktop PC’s and Notebooks that have Windows 7 pre-installed as the operating system. That in itself is a big deal as it shows indirectly that the adoption of... Read more