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Res Life: Eat and Exercise on a Budget
Student life is a rite of passage; yes, there are going to be some hard times, but it is all part of your preparation for the real world. Let’s face it, accommodation isn’t cheap and you’re most likely going to have live with others as well as learning to... Read more
Popular Seasonal Events and Festivals
South Africa is an entertainment hub! There are many events taking place every weekend. No matter what your preference, you’ll find it right here on your doorstep. So, get up, get out and experience everything that this diverse country has to offer! Here are a few popular upcoming events.... Read more
Don’t Be Left High And Dry, Follow These Water-Saving Tips
Parts of South Africa are currently facing one of the worst water crisis’ that our country has seen in years. This has led to parts of the country being put under water restrictions and limitations forcing many to get smart on how they use water.   Here are a few... Read more
5 Weird And Wonderful Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around The World
Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and that means that couples from all around the world will be going on dates, giving one another gifts and creating timeless memories. While the basic Valentine’s Day traditions are celebrated in the same ways across the globe, certain countries have their own... Read more
Valentine’s Day: Top 3 picnic spots in South Africa
Love is in the air! With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we hope that you’ve turned on your “romance switch” and are thinking about the perfect place for you and your significant other. If you’re still stuck, we suggest that you embrace the beauty of South Africa and take your... Read more
Panasonic’s New Q-Fan – the (r)evolution of cool
VERDICT: 7/10 The Q-Fan: Panasonic’s latest creation has been touted as the apogee of “Outstanding performance exquisite design”, and they must be pretty confident that it will deliver, because it’s written on the box! As we removed it from the packaging, the first phrase that came to mind... Read more
5 Tips For Exercising In The S.A Summer Heat
The South African summer is well underway, and that means everyone is looking for inventive ways to cool down and beat the heat. And if you’re one of the many fitness freaks that enjoys exercising outdoors you’ll undoubtedly be using some pretty creative tricks to stay chilled in the scorching S.A heat... Read more
Heat Things Up With These Summertime Activities
Things are heating up and locals and tourists alike are looking for different things to do during the South African summertime. We’ve got the rundown of a few different activities and outings that are going down around South Africa this summer.   Hop on a sightseeing bus If you’re... Read more
Red Alert: How to Save Your Skin!
The majority of us have done it. We spend a wonderful day in the sun, only to wake up the next morning “burning” all over. Not only does this look – and feel – terrible, it’s harmful to your health! Your solution: sunscreen or sunblock. Here’s what you need... Read more
Get Back into It: Essential Exercise Equipment
Hey, you…yes, YOU! Why are you on the couch? As great as it was, the Festive Season is over. It’s time to get back into the exercise routine that has been neglected. Let’s face it, many of us can’t even fathom the idea of exercising in a public gym;... Read more