Kelis finally reveals her milkshake recipe
Way back in 2003, Kelis released her song “Milkshake” and since then, we’ve all bee waiting for the boys to come to the yard. Clearly that didn’t happen, but maybe it’s because we had the wrong milkshake recipe. Well, Kelis has finally revealed her milkshake recipe: My Milkshake  Ingredients:... Read more
A few South African traditional foods everyone must try
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The 9 Best Liver Cleansing Foods
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7 Breakthrough Remedies To Soothe Your Spring Allergies
A runny nose, itchy eyes, congestion, and fatigue are just some of the gruesome and irritating symptoms of spring allergies. To soothe the agony for sufferers, we have compiled a list of natural remedies to assist with spring allergies. 1. Lemon Grass The beautifully smelling plant has many uses, one... Read more
11 Ways The Moon Changes A Woman
It happens all too often – one day you feel like Aphrodite herself, the next you can hardly stand the way you look. From one fleeting moment to the next – one hardly ever knows what to expect or feel – as a woman. It sometimes gives one an... Read more
7 Surprising Foods Soccer Players Eat Before a Match
Running around after a ball for 90 minutes is no joke. You need strength, endurance and loads of stamina. So, how do these soccer players do it? Besides gruesome hard work and training, there’s the important factor of food, which serves as fuel for all the energy used. Let’s... Read more
Shaking Things Up – Is The NutriBullet Really The Best?
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Bet You Didn’t Know These Cheeses Are NOT Vegetarian
Cheese is considered a real go-to food for the vegetarian – pizzas, nachos, and yummy salads all topped with the wonderful yellow delicacy – makes grabbing a meat-free meal so much more convenient and delicious. But did you know some cheeses are not vegetarian? This is due to the... Read more
The 10 Best Ways To Get Your Protein Without Meat
In the land of meat lovers, meat as the only source of protein is a common fallacy. The idea is becoming even more far-fetched as an increasing number of people adopt a meat-free lifestyle. These people include bodybuilders who blatantly disprove this primitive way of thinking by thriving in their Greek god-like forms.... Read more
8 Satisfying Meat-Free Meals Packed With Protein
Meat-free Mondays – the one day we dedicate our daily meals to eating delicious meat-free dishes filled with planet-friendly awareness. And perhaps, through this conscious eating, we could extend it further into our lives and into the week. So, for the meat-lovers protein concerns, we’ve selected some yummy high-protein... Read more