The 10 most watched YouTube videos in South Africa are…
As South Africa heads into the festive season, YouTube has released its annual Rewind – looking back at the most-watched videos for the year in South Africa and globally.   This year South Africans were after a little bit of distraction – the top 5 most watched videos (excluding... Read more
10 Significant Movies Every Woman Should Watch
Movies have a great way of inspiring through pictures, tales of people long gone but never forgotten – unveiling the humanity, vulnerability and strength of individuals and circumstances that changed the course of history. And this is no truer than for these movies which all women should watch. Frida... Read more
The 7 Best Board Games For Your Kids
With the school holidays going on forever, keeping your kid’s brain interactive and sharp is still important. One way to do that is with some good old board games. It makes those hard hitting Winter days less drab and serves as great way to bond as a family. Here... Read more
How To Pull Off The “Wimbledon 2017 Fashion Look”
Wimbledon 2017 is in full swing and although most people are keeping their eyes on the court, others are scouting the stands for the latest fashion. The two-week long tennis competition is well-known for transforming itself into a runway with celebrities setting the mark for current trends, which could be... Read more
On Your Marks… Get Set… VOTE
It’s that time of year again when the industry pays homage and recognises innovative game changers in the Tech and E-commerce field.  And if you have any businesses or individuals in mind who you deem as winning in these respective fields, Thursday, 15th June was your last day to... Read more
Showmax to debut new Original series
Streaming and video-on-demand services are a dime a dozen, but what makes them great is when they create their own original content. Netflix pioneered the movement, with companies like Amazon quickly following suit. While Netflix is available in South Africa, their original content is not, which means that you lose out... Read more
Is TV Dead?
For decades, TV has been the undisputed ruler of media consumption, however the rise of thanks to the rise of mobile, this is changing. According to a report published by Zenith, mobile internet consumption increased at an average rate of 44% a year between 2010 and 2016. This is... Read more
Here’s How To Throw a Snazzy Party on a Budget
Whether you’re a bookworm or the lavish entertainer, there is a good chance that you will have some sort of involvement in coordinating a party. Whatever the case, we agree, that throwing a party comes at a cost: expensive booze, decor, eating, you name it – the pocket is... Read more
Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2: Sequels Are Hard
Guardians of the Galaxy broke away from the traditional super hero movie and gave us something light-hearted and fun, so when the opportunity to see Vol 2 came about, I jumped at the chance. The opening scene of Vol 2 relies on the most adorable character in the movie,... Read more
So, You Call Yourself a Movie Lover?
There is a common steering away from local cinemas as more people gravitate toward “potato-ing” on the couch enthralled by beloved television characters in their gripping plot twists and intense story arcs served on a decorated flat-screen platter of technologically-advanced cinematography and quality production. Yes, TV Shows have officially... Read more