Is AI the next technology frontier?
In 2016, IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker reported that global smartphone shipments had reached 1.45 billion. While the volumes are certainly large, this was just a 0.6% increase from the previous year, indicating that after years of rapid growth, the smartphone market is slowing down and possibly even... Read more
Review: Introducing The Smart Power Diary
For some, a diary still serves as a more efficient method of keeping track of all that needs to be done during the day, week and month. Electronic calendars simply don’t cut it. However, this smart diary aims to bring back the power of the pen with its built-in power bank... Read more
(Mini)beam me up LG
I don’t own a TV. Weird for someone whose entire life revolves around tech but since I stream everything (thanks Netflix and Showmax), I don’t see the need to own a TV. Until people come over, and then it gets awkward. LG’s Minibeam could very well be the perfect solution... Read more
Shaking Things Up – Is The NutriBullet Really The Best?
Whether it’s juicing, blending, or making smoothies, these days the craze is all about drinking your nutrients and the Nutribullet is hailed as the “Lord of the Blend” in terms of kitchen equipment. Now, with the release of the NutriBullet Baby Bullet, things are becoming a bit privileged. So, the... Read more
School-surviving electronics for under R4000
The days of lugging around a massive bag filled with traditional notebooks are over. Tech is being embraced by schools because of its productivity-enhancing, time-saving capabilities. Teachers now have the tools to construct lessons that are far more interactive for the learners. However, tech is pricey and can be... Read more
How To Choose The Right Headphones
Buying headphones in 2017 is not as easy as just walking in to a store, or going online. There are quite a few factors that you need to consider, most importantly what type of headphones / earphones you want. Here’s our breakdown the most common types of headphones /... Read more
Your LG Washing Machine Is Smarter Than You Think
Imagine if you didn’t have to tell your appliances what to do… because your phone could do it for you. This is the concept behind six new models from the Titan range of washing machines, featuring SmartThinQ technology. LG Electronics is introducing a new way to give homes an... Read more
Oral-B launches new GENIUS Intelligent Toothbrush system
There’s a saying that good things come in pairs. For anyone with considerable dental hygiene considerations, Oral-B has developed two new impressive innovations. The new Oral-B GENIUS intelligent toothbrush system and Oral-B Gum & Enamel Repair Toothpaste are exactly what dental health professionals will need for the finest attention... Read more
You Can’t Go Without These Travel Essentials
New Year resolutions – they’re forgotten once February hits. But if travel was, and still finds its place in your list this year, you best not leave without these travel essentials. Waterproof Bags and Covers What’s an adventure without lunging through rivers or chasing secret crystal pools and waterfalls? Or... Read more
Vaping Is Not Just A Passing Fad
Vaping seems to be one of those many things that millenials have made trendy, like ripped jeans and fidget spinners. According to Data by Wells Fargo and Agora Financial this year’s sales could reach $10 billion worldwide, a far cry from the mere $20 million in 2008. Whether you vape... Read more