No Headphone Jack? Try The iTrip Clip
If your new smartphone is lacking a 3.5mm headphone jack and you’re not keen on spending thousands of Rands on a pair of Bluetooth headphones or earphones, then you might want to take a look at the iTrip Clip Bluetooth Audio Adapter from Griffin. “iTrip Clip ensures users can... Read more
Luxury Gadgets: PriceCheck’s Top Of The Line Electronics
If you’re the kind of person who only buys the best, and isn’t afraid to spend the money to get it, then you’ll love this list of our high-end, luxury electronics. Simply click the link below each product to be redirected to our product page, where you can view... Read more
MWC 2017 In Photos
Mobile World Congress is the tech world’s annual showcase of all the new and emerging mobile technology to influence the world for the rest of the year and beyond. According to the GSMA, MWC 2017 saw more than 108,000 people attending the showcase. Professionals from 208 countries and territories... Read more
Apple Watch Nike+ Reviewed
Smartwatches haven’t quite lived up to the hype or the idea that they would revolutionise the way we interact with technology. For the most part, these wrist computers, are far too reliant on the smartphones they’re tethered to, to be of any real use. Having said that, while Android... Read more
Playstation 4 Vs. Playstation 4 Pro
Sony’s Playstation 4 is one of the best selling gaming consoles in history. And, with good reason. Playstation has become the best gaming console for many gamers the world over. Thanks to its design, usability, and the sheer number of gaming exclusives. When Sony announced that they were releasing... Read more
Samsung Enters The Gaming Market
Gaming has become a very lucrative market. With many hardware manufacturers realising that they need to focus more on this growing segment of very loyal users. At CES 2017, Samsung unveiled their foray into the gaming market with the release of the Samsung Notebook Odyssey. Introducing the Samsung Notebook... Read more
Samsung Updates Its Galaxy A Series
Samsung’s Galaxy A series began life as a mid-range handset aimed at a younger, stylish consumer, and became a firm favourite of many people. Mainly, thanks to its design and range of features. Recently, Samsung announced the latest Galaxy A series, which includes the 5.7-inch A7, 5.2-inch A5, and 4.7-inch... Read more
How To Save Your Smartphone From Water Damage
Liquid damage is one of the most common problems facing smartphone owners. Whether it’s dropping your phone in the toilet or spilling your cup of coffee on it, liquid damage to your smartphone can end up costing a small fortune to repair.  Here are a few tips to help you... Read more
Are Samsung Releasing A Flexible Phone?
Apart from the release of the Galaxy S8, Samsung have a few other tricks up their sleeve for 2017. The smartphone manufacturer recently filed a patent for technology that could change the way we see and handle our smartphones forever. Samsung could be releasing a physically bendable smartphone in... Read more
The Classic Game Boy Is Making A Return
Nintendo’s iconic Game Boy continues to be one of the most popular handheld devices around despite being officially retired nearly a decade ago. And if you’re feeling nostalgic for some quality 8-bit gaming but aren’t fortunate enough to have a working Game Boy laying around then we have some... Read more