Simply Smashing: 8 Delicious Wimbledon Treats
For the love of all things strawberries and tennis, celebrate this year’s Wimbledon Grandslam with the treats to match. From delicious cheesecake shots to yummy Tennis ball truffles, these delights will be a smash hit! 1. Nakd Pistachio “Tennis Ball” Truffles Recipe sourced from Ingredients: 4 Nakd Cocoa Delight... Read more
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Three Mouthwatering Meat-Free Recipes You Must Try
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The Golden Wonders Of Turmeric and How It Will Change Your Life
Hippocrates wrote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” And yet, we still find ourselves running towards prescription drugs for easy fixes. A perfect example of the healing power of food is contained in the powder we commonly use for curry – turmeric. The orange-yellow spice... Read more
Top Appliances to help you fight the flab!
There’s constantly “scientific” information telling us when and what to eat – it’s very confusing! So, we’re going to simplify it for you. What and how you prepare your meals is essential! Your diet needs to consist primarily of macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats, and even with today’s hectic... Read more
Festive Season Recipes
During a time of relaxation, joy and memorable moments with family and friends, cooking complicated meals and treats can really dampen your spirit. Worry no more! Here are 2 phenomental, stress-free recipes that will be a sure-fire hit this festive season. From all of us at PriceCheck, have a... Read more
Celebrate Braai Day With This 100% Authentically South African Marinade
Millions of South Africans will be celebrating their heritage this weekend by taking part in one of the most South African past times out there: having a braai.  To help take your braai to the next level we’ve got a delicious South African marinade that you can make in... Read more
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UCOOK is an exciting initiative bringing the tastiest recipes and the freshest ingredients directly to your doorstep.  In collaboration with PriceCheck we are offering you 30% off your first UCOOK purchase. Bringing together some of the country’s most prolific chefs to prepare a variety of great tasting meals each week... Read more