Nintendo Brings A Ton Of Games To The Switch
Nintendo has a great lineup of games coming out for both Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, headlined by Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch in October. Nintendo has also announced that it will be bringing games like Splatoon 2, ARMS and Pokkén Tournament DX (the first Pokémon title for Nintendo Switch),... Read more
Monster Hunter: World – now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC
You can now be an epic monster slayer, no matter which console you have! Capcom has announced its first globally-unified release:  Monster Hunter: World. The new addition to the popular RPG series is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. According to the official press release: “Monster Hunter: World... Read more
Project Scorpio Is Xbox One X
Ever since word got out that Microsoft was working on a new, more powerful Xbox – codenamed Project Scorpio – console gamers were salivating over the mysterious device. At E3 2017, Microsoft finally took the wraps off of Project Scorpio – now officially known as Xbox One X. Microsoft says... Read more
MXGP3  is now available in stores
Calling all motorcross fans! MXGP3 is finally here and it can be yours – literally – today for PS4 and Xbox One! According to the official press release: Players who purchase MXGP3 – The Official Motocross Videogame will have access to: An ultra-realistic gaming experience, thanks to the improved... Read more
Blast From The Past: 4 New Nostalgic Gadgets
Looking back on the past is part of human nature. And, companies have been quick to cash in on nostalgia in recent years. The last few months have been particularly filled with re-launches of old tech devices. From a revamped Nokia 3310, to a new Tamagotchi, here are a... Read more
Review: Nintendo Wii U
The success of the Wii, selling over 100 million units, definitely confirmed Nintendo’s legacy. They’ve continued this avant-garde way of thinking with the Wii U. So, what exactly is the Wii U all about?  It’s an innovative, versatile gaming system, equipped with all of the elements that make Nintendo... Read more
Review: Nintendo 3DS
Play MORE of what you want, when you want, with Nintendo’s new 3DS. It boasts a host of fantastic features that will enhance your gaming experience. It’s the perfect, portable gaming system to suit your lifestyle. *Note: This review is for the New Nintendo 3DS Nintendo’s latest version of... Read more
Review: Nintendo Wii
The name itself shows the company’s “off the beaten path” mentality to develop a console the likes of which has never been seen before – it’s a big gamble, but one thing is for sure, it’s unique and fun to play. This is the foundation of the Nintendo Wii.... Read more
Review: PlayStation 3
The PlayStation 3! Sony’s 3rd generation of their popular gaming console is here! But is it worth shelving your PS2 in favour of its successor? This iteration is definitely more powerful and because it’s the first gaming system to use a Blu-ray Disc format, you can expect a visual... Read more
Review: Rugby Challenge 3 – Springbok Edition – PS4
Scrum, ruck, maul, drop-kick and pass your way to victory. This is the highly-anticipated 3rd iteration in the Rugby Challenge series! This time it has a full SANZAR license, which means that you’ll be able to play official SupeRugby! Platform: PS4 Genre: Sports Game mode: Single match; Competition mode;... Read more