Review: Nokia Lumia 520 8 GB
Impressive specs at a wallet-pleasing price! It’s perfect if you want a phone that can perform vital tasks such as web browsing and instant messaging. The Lumia 520 is part of the second-generation of Nokia phones that use a Microsoft-based – Windows – operating system. Nokia had great success... Read more
Review: Samsung Galaxy S4 16GB
Samsung has touted this gem as your “life companion” – and that’s exactly what it is. With the S4, you can curb daily chaos –it’s like the friend that you know you can always talk to no matter what, and afterwards, you feel refreshed – now, you’re ready to... Read more
Review: BlackBerry Priv 32 GB
A BlackBerry with an Android OS – it’s not something you thought you would ever hear, but it has happened. So, is it a winning combination to help the Canadian company to turn things around, following their drop in popularity? It’s a bold move to abandon their own OS... Read more
Review: Apple iPhone 6 S Plus 16 GB
For years, Apple vowed not to break into the phablet market, but in 2014, with the popularity of “big screen” phones, they met the demand and we were introduced to the iPhone 6 Plus. It was so well received that within a year, the iPhone 6S Plus was released,... Read more
Review: Apple iPhone 5s 16 GB – Black
“To upgrade or not to upgrade?” that is the question. Since Apple added the “s” versions to their range, many have been quick to make the change, but is it worth it? So, what has Apple done this time around to persuade users to ditch their iPhone 5 and... Read more
LG has finally unveiled its latest flagship handset, the G6!
Review by Brendon Petersen Unlike its predecessor, the G6 is not a modular phone nor does it have a removable back or battery. What is does have though, is a full metal body, IP68 rating and a new FullVision display. At first glance, the G6 is a very understated,... Read more
This Is What The Relaunched Nokia 3310 Looks Like
When we first heard the news that Nokia would be unveiling a newly designed 3310 at this years Mobile World Conference needless to say we were excited.  Here’s what the relaunched Nokia 3310 will look like   The new 3310 is still very much the same phone it was... Read more
Review: Sony Xperia Z5 32 GB
If incredible screen resolution is an essential spec for you, the Z5 is for you– it’s the world’s first smartphone with a 4K display! For those of you who don’t know, 4K – also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD) – is a particular type of resolution, which offers... Read more
Review: Huawei Mate 8 32GB
The Huawei Mate line-up is their take on the phablet, popularised by the Samsung Note series. So, let’s take a look and see if they’ve been able to whip up a formula to challenge their South Korean competitors. There is debate as to whether Huawei should have used QHD... Read more
Review: Huawei P9 lite
Please welcome Huawei’s lightweight champion of the world, the P9lite. While the P9 is dominating the heavyweight division, the smaller, nimbler, but still extremely powerful brother, is getting noticed. So, is it worthy of main-event status? Let’s take a look to see how it stacks up. The Leica dual... Read more