Blast From The Past: 4 New Nostalgic Gadgets
Looking back on the past is part of human nature. And, companies have been quick to cash in on nostalgia in recent years. The last few months have been particularly filled with re-launches of old tech devices. From a revamped Nokia 3310, to a new Tamagotchi, here are a... Read more
Overview: Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 (5.8-inch) and S8+ (6.2-inch) have just launched in South Africa and they’re the company’s first new handsets since the Note 7. Not only is the S8 Samsung’s new flagship, it’s also easily one of the top contenders for phone of the year. “The Samsung Galaxy... Read more
Overview: Huawei P10 and P10 Plus
Huawei unveiled their new flagship smartphones, the P10 (5.1-inch FHD display)  and P10 Plus (5.5-inch 2K IPS display), during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year. Huawei says that the P-series has always been a culmination of art and technology and this is reflected in the P10’s design.... Read more
LG Stylus 3 Is Here
LG has announced that the Stylus 3 is now available in South Africa. The company says that the improved specifications and highlights of the device is what makes it unique and an impressive upgrade from the Stylus 2. There’s an improved Pen Pop 2.0 – with a new pen keeper... Read more
Apple Is The Most Actively Used Mobile Tech Brand
The battle for smartphone supremacy has been mostly fought between 2 major companies. According to a report by Newzoo, based on a sample of 550 million actively used devices across, Apple reigns supreme with a 34.8 percent share of monthly active users across the globe. This might not be much of... Read more
Hands-on Review: Sony Xperia X Compact
Smartphones are getting bigger, but not everyone wants a larger phone, that’s the thought that crossed my mind when I first held the Sony Xperia Compact.  Not only does the Xperia X Compact excel in one-handed use, but the lower specs do not negatively impact it either. First impression... Read more
LG’s G6 vs Samsung’s Galaxy S8
The battle for Android supremacy is heating up in 2017 with both LG and Samsung releasing the best phones they’ve made, to date. Both handsets have a phablet size displays in smaller phone bodies which means that the screen to body ratio averages in the region of 80%. Keeping... Read more
The LG G6 Vs. The Samsung Galaxy S8
It’s still early in the year, but we’ve already seen some impressive additions to the smartphone market. Today, we take a look at the specifications of two recently announced flagships – the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8. Here’s how they compare on paper: Specifications Feature LG G6 Samsung Galaxy... Read more
Review: Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo 16 GB
Samsung’s Galaxy Grand range is perfect for the user who is seeking a reliable, functional phone that provides impressive connectivity ability. This is a budget-friendly smartphone, but make no mistake; you’re getting some notable specs! The 5” screen makes it great for watching videos and browsing the web. The... Read more
Review: Samsung Galaxy J1 4 GB
The Samsung Galaxy J Series can be described as “reliable and functional this is evident in the J1. Let’s face it, today, we all need a phone, but many of us can’t afford the astronomical prices. Well, the J1 will change that because of its affordability and so you’ll... Read more