Battle Of The Samsung Titans – S8 vs S7
Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 and S8+ have finally been unveiled, and after all the teasers of an almost bezel-less display, smart assistant and Bixby, you’re probably  caught up in a haze of Galaxy induced desire. Once that’s passed though, you’re probably going to sit down and try to justify... Read more
The Next Galaxy Is Here And It’s Incredible!
Samsung’s Galaxy S8 campaign speaks of the smartphone phenomenon as we know it and challenges the accepted standard for our most trusted devices. The implied claim, that the S8 will redefine the smartphone as we know it, is a big one, even by Samsung’s standards. After the Note 7... Read more
Overview: Hisense’s new C30, ROCKS!
Hisense continues to grow in confidence – and I like it! Following the expansion of its beautifully-designed Infinity range – the two most recent additions being the Elegance and the Faith, they have created an element-proof device that challenges brands such as Caterpillar who have, until now, spearheaded the “ultimate protection”... Read more
MWC 2017 In Photos
Mobile World Congress is the tech world’s annual showcase of all the new and emerging mobile technology to influence the world for the rest of the year and beyond. According to the GSMA, MWC 2017 saw more than 108,000 people attending the showcase. Professionals from 208 countries and territories... Read more
Samsung’s Next Galaxy Is Here…Almost
Samsung’s mobile division has been through the ringer following the Note 7 debacle, fortunately for us South Africans, the handset was never officially released or sold locally. All eyes are now on the company’s upcoming flagship handset, the Galaxy S8, which will be unveiled in New York and London... Read more
Take a Bite of the (RED) Apple
Apple has announced that the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus will now be available in a delicious red aluminum finish! The (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition is already available to order online! (Only in the USA at this time.) It will hit stores on March 24, 2017. The new look... Read more
Review: Huawei Ascend P7 16GB
Thinking differently is what makes a company break the status-quo and this is exactly what Huawei has done with its mid-range beast, the Ascend P7. It’s a matter of opinion, but it seems that Huawei has a detailed understanding of their users – make devices that are, first and... Read more
LG K10 2017 Edition
LG might have a new flagship smartphone out in the form of the G6 but that doesn’t mean that it’s abandoning its mid-range K series. The company has announced a new K10 handset for 2017. The new K10 is essentially the flagship handset in the K series but despite... Read more
Our Top 5 Virtual Reality Games for Your Mobile
One of the latest developments to hit the gaming world is the release of the Virtual Reality headset. With this device, you can simply slot your phone into the top of the headset and explore new virtual worlds. We thought that we would pick out some of our favourite... Read more
Review: Samsung Galaxy S6 32GB
It’s the new standard in the high-end S-line. The South Korean company has decided to do a complete overhaul – more power, sleek, stylish design and amazing features – it’s clear that a facelift was out of the question. The display – closely followed by the new chipset –... Read more