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Intel continues to acquire businesses and increase their market share outside of their core business. Consider something for one minute, what is the first thing that comes to mind when I mention Intel? I hesitate to think that the answer would be anything other than CPU’s. The Central Processing... Read more
BlackBerry is always looking at the big picture. Whether it high end models like the Torch or the older Curves, the company always provides many options to its users. Regular readers will be aware of our appreciation of the BlackBerry Internet Service that make browsing of the Internet less... Read more
The mobile phone industry is one that is full of interesting stories. The manufacturers are held together by the operating software to a degree. If your software is less than perfect your users will complain and potentially move to another phone. I am at the moment in that stage... Read more
BlackBerry has increased its smart phone line with the new Torch 9800. Between the increasing popularity of the Android operating software and the iPhone, market share for BlackBerry devices worldwide has seen a downward movement. The current situation with the BlackBerry services in the Middle East and the possibility... Read more
BlackBerry is arguably the most popular mobile phone in South Africa at the moment. The Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) currently is the main reason for the popularity as users can browse the Internet without fearing excessive data costs. It is an unlimited data service for a fixed monthly cost.... Read more
The hype surrounding the Apple iPhone 4 is getting less by the day but Apple has had some problems with the latest version of the popular iPhone. While they continue to show the way to other manufacturers on how to please their users, the iPhone 4 launch has been... Read more
BlackBerry has given their Pearl range of smart phones a face lift. The popular Pearl 8100 and Bold 9700 phones were the models that contributed to the design for the Pearl 3G 9100. The high end styling that is seen in the Bold line of smart phones was added... Read more
The worst kept secret in the mobile industry was confirmed yesterday when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4. The phone was very similar to the leaked versions seen on various blogs in the last 4 weeks.  The build quality is extraordinary and what makes Apple the company so loved... Read more
HTC continue to keep rolling out mobile phones that showcase high build quality. The HTC Desire is no different as HTC keep building on their positive perception, that the HTC Hero and the Google Nexus One have. They have been the closest to being worthy iPhone challengers in my... Read more
Microsoft is well known for creating operating systems and software for computers. They are the most successful company at it due to the dependence most computer owners have on their products. However, one industry that they have battled to come to grips with, is the mobile phone operating software... Read more