LG’s V20 – Double The Screens, Double The Cameras

LG has launched their latest smartphone, the LG V20. Whether you’re a business person or creative, this could be the phone for you!

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The iPhone 7 Plus Has Already Sold Out, But Are You Really Surprised?
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Samsung Are Recalling The Galaxy Note 7 Following Exploding Batteries
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5 Of The Best Features In The New Android Nougat
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Future iPhones May Be Able To Capture A Thief’s Fingerprints And Photo When Stolen
Phone theft is a problem many of us have had to deal with, or may find ourselves dealing with one day. Many manufacturers have various tracking and other anti-thefts measures in place, but now Apple is looking to take anti-theft components to a new level. Next generation iPhones could... Read more
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5 Smartphones below R1500
  Having a smartphone that can send SMSes, WhatsApp messages, connect you to Facebook and allow you to Snapchat (or use Instagram Stories) is vital in the 21st century, the problem is that most smartphones can cost a small fortune.  If your budget is tight but you’re in need... Read more
Top Tech And Gadget Trends For August
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