5 car gadgets for petrol heads
Cars are useful inventions – they help transport us from one destination to the other; they allow us to take the unbeaten roads and travel; and when public transport fails us, they are a simple and convenient solution to get to work on time. However, some people have a more... Read more
Top 5 Hatchbacks in SA

Top 5 Hatchbacks in SA

AdviceCars 22nd November 2017

By Elan Solomon Hatchbacks are a firm favourite all over the world, and particularly in South Africa, primarily because they’re compact cars that don’t compromise on practicality. While sedans may have more sleek and sophisticated aesthetics, hatches offer a bit more utility and flexibility because of their design. We’re... Read more
Marvel’s Black Panther movie inspires new Lexus concept car
When creation inspires innovation sparks are bound to fly and so it has between Marvel and Lexus. The new Black Panther movie scheduled for release in February 2018 motivated two new models for the favoured LC cars. One of which is labelled as a “design study” and the other... Read more
5 cheeky cars to drive in your twenties
Being in your twenties means that by now you should have either learned how to drive or are keen on getting your own car. Considerable factors such as affordability and reliability play a significant role in deciding what car to invest in, as you want one that won’t break... Read more
Four Luxury Cars To Give You That “Executive” Feel
Driving in a well-made car with soft leather seats, thick carpets, enough space to stretch the legs and a sleek clean exterior to match, makes a huge difference in our attitudes, especially when we’re hoping to pull off a certain look. And if you’re into all things luxury, then... Read more
SA’s Five Sexiest Bakkies

SA’s Five Sexiest Bakkies

Cars 29th September 2017

South Africans simply love their bakkies. Whether it’s strong and robust or sleek and versatile, they are a great way to trek the rough roads in SA and transport goods from one place to the other. If you are out there looking to invest in one, here are five... Read more
Five Super Reliable Cars for the Great South African Road Trip
Taking a road trip is by far the most affordable and convenient means of travel. It can be short and sweet or long and beautiful. And South Africa is the ideal destination to go from one small town to the other, discovering the little natural gems that make up the... Read more
5 Most Expensive Cars in the World
Everyone has imagined what they would do with boatload of money should it fall in their laps (it would probably hurt too), but the list of cars below pushes the boundaries on what any lottery winner or oil magnate could spend on something with four wheels. From the preposterously... Read more
The Offensively Expensive Cars Soccer Players Drive [Gallery]
We all know football players earn staggering amounts of money, and it comes as no surprise that most of them are driving incredible cars to match. We look at Christiano Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Wayne Rooney and more of the unmissable and not to add, offensively expensive cars they drive.... Read more
Ok, we know these cars only exist in the dreams of the majority of us, but wow, they are stunning. Feast your eyes on the top 5 most expensive cars in South Africa. Which one is your favourite? Rolls-Royce Wraith – R6, 400,000   Rolls-Royce Ghost EWB – R6,... Read more