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7 Of The Weirdest Cellphones Ever Sold
When it comes to mobile technology, there have been some devices whose design is so out-of-the-box that they are downright weird. Here are ten cellphones that are so crazy, they actually fall into the cool category.   Marlboro 508 This Chinese-made budget phone has pretty standard low-end hardware, but what sets it... Read more
Will The Next iPhone Feature Wireless Charging?
Innovation is what drives the latest designs and functionality in smartphones, and Apple have been among the world leaders in innovation for years. And for those wondering what new offerings the next iPhone will feature may have just had that question answered.   Apple have recently joined the Wireless... Read more
Is The Nokia 3310 Making A Comeback?
Who doesn’t remember the Nokia 3310? Easily the most well-known Nokia model of it’s time, the 3310 was renowned for it’s  compact size, excellent battery life and it’s resiliency. And if you were lucky enough to own a Nokia 3310 back in the day, we’ve got some good news... Read more
Don’t Be Left High And Dry, Follow These Water-Saving Tips
Parts of South Africa are currently facing one of the worst water crisis’ that our country has seen in years. This has led to parts of the country being put under water restrictions and limitations forcing many to get smart on how they use water.   Here are a few... Read more
5 Weird And Wonderful Valentine’s Day Traditions From Around The World
Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and that means that couples from all around the world will be going on dates, giving one another gifts and creating timeless memories. While the basic Valentine’s Day traditions are celebrated in the same ways across the globe, certain countries have their own... Read more
Facebook Breaks Records With 1.8 Billion Monthly Users Over The Festive Season
Social media giant revealed their stats over the fourth quarter of 2016, and needless to say the numbers were big. Facebook is currently the most widely used social media platform outperforming both Youtube and Twitter.   Facebook had their best quarter yet with reports of over 1.8 billion users... Read more
Shopping The Nation With PriceCheck: Up To 50% Off With Our Daily Deals
PriceCheck offers daily savings with our Daily Deals; with products ranging from home appliances, electronic goods, toys, clothes and much more, you’re certain to find something that’s going to satisfy your shopping craving while being generous to your wallet.    Here are just a few of our Daily Deals... Read more
The Latest (And Last) BlackBerry Will Be Revealed On 25th February
Awhile back it was announced that BlackBerry will no longer be designing or manufacturing phones internally, and at the latest CES it was hinted that a final BlackBerry phone would be officially revealed sometime early this year.  The BlackBerry Mercury will be revealed on the 25th of February   Dubbed... Read more
Samsung Reveal What Caused The Note 7’s Exploding Batteries
Samsung didn’t exactly have the best year in 2016. Their flagship device, the Galaxy Note 7, suffered from severe faulty batteries not once but twice. Since then there has been much speculation as to what was the root cause of the issue and now we finally have an answer.... Read more
5 Tips For Exercising In The S.A Summer Heat
The South African summer is well underway, and that means everyone is looking for inventive ways to cool down and beat the heat. And if you’re one of the many fitness freaks that enjoys exercising outdoors you’ll undoubtedly be using some pretty creative tricks to stay chilled in the scorching S.A heat... Read more