Unlock Your Creative Potential
The right-brain – home of our creative and artistic abilities; it’s a domain often underplayed. So, how do you unlock your creative potential? Van Gogh, Mozart, Tesla and Shakespeare, all pioneers in their genius, displayed groundbreaking inventiveness through their creative potential. And through their various means, we recognise the... Read more
Here’s to a Good Night’s Rest
The mind – it’s constantly racing and is often the root cause of sleep deprivation. The benefits of a good morning ritual have been widely discussed – but what about bedtime? By simply prioritising sleep, you could solve many underlying lifestyle problems, such as weight gain, anxiety and even... Read more
These Houseplants Will Help You Concentrate
The city or “Concrete Jungle” with its hustle and bustle, makes strolling in the park an unusual luxury. But whether it’s a pot plant to spruce up your desk or even the scenic beauty of a forest, nature’s ability to soften the stress of everyday life is simply remarkable.... Read more
TV Series Under R500 – The Ultimate Collector’s Choice
Yes, it’s that time again – mid-month – when everything gets a bit slower, including your spending. But what better way to save more and spend less, than getting your hands on some of these tv series that will surely keep your pocket out of trouble by keeping you... Read more
Luxury Gadgets: PriceCheck’s Top Of The Line Electronics
If you’re the kind of person who only buys the best, and isn’t afraid to spend the money to get it, then you’ll love this list of our high-end, luxury electronics. Simply click the link below each product to be redirected to our product page, where you can view... Read more
The Origins Of Human Right’s Day In South Africa
Every year on the 21st of March South Africans celebrate Human Right’s Day, first declared a public holiday in 1994. But why exactly is it celebrated on this specific day? Let’s take a look at the origins and reasons we celebrate Human Right’s Day.     The Sharpeville Massacre ... Read more
The Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Be Released Soon, Here Is Everything We Know So Far
It’s that time of year again; the time when Samsung unveils their next Galaxy smartphone, after months of rumours and speculations. The launch date for the Galaxy S8 is confirmed to be March 28, 2017.                  The Samsung Galaxy S8 launch is taking... Read more
Horizon Zero Dawn Is Taking The World By Storm, And It’s Available In South Africa Today
If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner and are looking for a new game to test your skills, Horizon Zero Dawn is waiting for you! It’s been making waves with gamers and reviewers alike. The game features an open-world environment giving players a diverse terrain to explore, populated by vicious machines... Read more
This Is What The Relaunched Nokia 3310 Looks Like
When we first heard the news that Nokia would be unveiling a newly designed 3310 at this years Mobile World Conference needless to say we were excited.  Here’s what the relaunched Nokia 3310 will look like   The new 3310 is still very much the same phone it was... Read more
7 Of The Weirdest Cellphones Ever Sold
When it comes to mobile technology, there have been some devices whose design is so out-of-the-box that they are downright weird. Here are ten cellphones that are so crazy, they actually fall into the cool category.   Marlboro 508 This Chinese-made budget phone has pretty standard low-end hardware, but what sets it... Read more