Apple seems to be on a roll with their iPad. They have sold 3 million since the launch and I expect that the number will increase. The iPad in my mind is for people that want an easy way to be able to browse the Internet, do e-mail and... Read more
The hype surrounding the Apple iPhone 4 is getting less by the day but Apple has had some problems with the latest version of the popular iPhone. While they continue to show the way to other manufacturers on how to please their users, the iPhone 4 launch has been... Read more
The worst kept secret in the mobile industry was confirmed yesterday when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone 4. The phone was very similar to the leaked versions seen on various blogs in the last 4 weeks.  The build quality is extraordinary and what makes Apple the company so loved... Read more
The common complaint among Apple iPhone owners & users have been the inability to multitask with applications, seems to have been solved as with iPhone OS 4  multi-tasking will be able to occur. However, the changes will only be usable for owners of an Apple iPhone 3GS, Third Generation... Read more
Early adoptors and trend watchers might have noticed a trend has started to develop and is gathering momentum. The newest consumer electronics do not have a keyboard for the user to input data with. Notebooks, Mobile phones and GPS’s have started to be more focused on touch screens and... Read more
The worst kept secret in Silicon Valley was revealed yesterday and caused Internet outages on certain services like Twitter, but that is what Apple does and has done on numerous occasions. The revelation was from Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs unveiling the Apple iPad in California. Apple has, in the... Read more
If you own a digital camera, iPod or a mobile phone then you would understand that accessories for them are an integral part of the ownership process. Scratches and accidents are almost a common occurrence after continuous usage and it makes the item look unappealing.It also lessens the value... Read more
Apple is going to expand the number of countries that can officially sell the iPhone with ten countries. The aim is to make the iPhone available in Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, New Zealand, Turkey and South Africa later this year. The gadget has been... Read more