Dog lovers, these Android apps are for you
We welcome dogs into our lives because they’re lovable, loyal and fun to be around. Yet it also takes dedication, persistence and hard work from your side to ensure that your best friend is happy in its home. As’s Emma Savadier puts it: “It really is a privilege to be loved... Read more
4 essential South African made apps
We all download apps, and most of those apps are made by huge international corporations, but did you know that there are tons of great apps made by local developers? Here are 4 of our favourites: Parkfind Have you ever tried to find parking in the Cape Town CBD?... Read more
Huawei challenges Apple’s Siri with Mobile AI
There was chatter around AI a couple of years ago, triggered by Apple’s voice assistant, Siri. And while voice assistants have retreated into the background, artificial intelligence has kept hold of people’s imaginations and remains a key trend in technology. Early in 2016, Huawei predicted the coming era of... Read more
Android apps to help you stay on top of the best festivals and events in South Africa this summer
Spring is in the air and a jam-packed calendar of sports, music and festivals is about to unfold—from Rocking The Daisies and OppiKoppi in October, enjoying the upcoming cricket season, becoming one with nature at the Hermanus Whale Festival to attending the feast of upcoming jazz, whisky and food festivals... Read more
LG’s V30 versus everyone
LG has just unveiled its all new flagship smartphone – the V30 – which is being hailed as the best phone that the company has ever made. Getting rid of many of the gimmicks that past LG smartphones have had, the V30 is a refined version of the G6.... Read more
Huawei becomes second largest smartphone brand
According to the latest research from Counterpoint’s Market Pulse for July 2017, Huawei has surpassed Apple in global smartphone sales consistently for June and July. With August sales looking strong for the Chinese vendor, a hat-trick for Huawei could be on the cards. Discussing this key competitive development, Counterpoint’s Research... Read more
Is AI the next technology frontier?
In 2016, IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker reported that global smartphone shipments had reached 1.45 billion. While the volumes are certainly large, this was just a 0.6% increase from the previous year, indicating that after years of rapid growth, the smartphone market is slowing down and possibly even... Read more
Huawei’s Kirin 970 chipset is the start of a new smartphone AI revolution
AI is one of the biggest trends shaping the world right now. Recently, some of the biggest names in technology including Google, IBM, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft joined forces to launch the “Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society,” a project intended to guide the course of... Read more
Sony launches two new smartphones at IFA
Sony’s Xperia range of smartphones have proven to be powerhouses in their own right, with the Xperia XZ Premium being hailed as the best smartphone that teh company has ever made. At IFA 2017, Sony unveiled a range of new smartphones, 2 of which have been confirmed as heading... Read more
5 Useful Apps Every South African Should Have
One man’s trash is another’s treasure – and this extends to apps. What makes an app useful depends on your needs and its relevance to your lifestyle. However, there are some apps locationally important in terms of what country you’re in. Here are some apps specifically useful to all... Read more