LG’s G6 vs Samsung’s Galaxy S8
The battle for Android supremacy is heating up in 2017 with both LG and Samsung releasing the best phones they’ve made, to date. Both handsets have a phablet size displays in smaller phone bodies which means that the screen to body ratio averages in the region of 80%. Keeping... Read more
Xiaomi Announces The Mi 6
In 2016, Xiaomi stunned the world with the nearly bezel-less MiMix, so when the company announced that the Mi 6 would be unveiled, expectations were high. The company has finally taken the wraps off the mi 6 and while it doesn’t have the MiMix’s same awe inspiring design, it... Read more
Hello Moto
Motorola is one of the most well known names in mobile, however they’ve been missing from local shores for a number of years. In October 2016, the brand returned to South Africa with the introduction of the Moto Z. Graham Braum, General Manager for Mobile Business Group, Lenovo Africa,... Read more
Is LG’s New Flagship Fly Like A G6?
UPDATE: LG Mobile South Africa has confirmed that the new RRP (recommended retail price) of the g6 is R12 099 and not R14 629 as previously stated. LG has made some wonderful smartphones, but a lack of consistency in their mobile division has detracted from the strengths that the company has.... Read more
Meet Bixby, Samsung’s New AI Assistant
Everyone has an AI assistant, Apple has Siri, Google has Assistant and Microsoft has Cortana so it was only a matter of time before Samsung revealed their own AI assistant named Bixby. Bixby is the company’s latest attempt at smart assistant and this one hopes to be far more... Read more
The Next Galaxy Is Here And It’s Incredible!
Samsung’s Galaxy S8 campaign speaks of the smartphone phenomenon as we know it and challenges the accepted standard for our most trusted devices. The implied claim, that the S8 will redefine the smartphone as we know it, is a big one, even by Samsung’s standards. After the Note 7... Read more
Will The Meizu Pro 6 Amaze You?
Smartphone design has reached its plateau. These days every handset looks like every other handset and the Meizu 6 Pro is no different. It bears a very iPhone-esque design with a home button that’s reminiscent of Samsung’s (soon to be removed) home button. The back of the phone continues... Read more
Is 9 Better Than 7? Meet Huawei’s New Mate
Huawei’s Mate series has long been one of my favourite phablet ranges and with every iteration, it gets better and the Mate 9 is no exception. “In developing the Huawei Mate 9, we started with a simple question – how can we improve every element of the smartphone experience?” said... Read more
MWC 2017 In Photos
Mobile World Congress is the tech world’s annual showcase of all the new and emerging mobile technology to influence the world for the rest of the year and beyond. According to the GSMA, MWC 2017 saw more than 108,000 people attending the showcase. Professionals from 208 countries and territories... Read more
Samsung’s Next Galaxy Is Here…Almost
Samsung’s mobile division has been through the ringer following the Note 7 debacle, fortunately for us South Africans, the handset was never officially released or sold locally. All eyes are now on the company’s upcoming flagship handset, the Galaxy S8, which will be unveiled in New York and London... Read more