New Android malware steals contacts, credit card info and more
If you’re an Android user then you need to pay attention to this. There’s yet another piece of malware floating around which is targeting Android users. Originally flagged by security company Dr. Web as Android.BankBot.211.origin, the malware attempts to get financial data from your phone. It also has capabilities... Read more
The 10 Best Ways To Get Your Protein Without Meat
In the land of meat lovers, meat as the only source of protein is a common fallacy. The idea is becoming even more far-fetched as an increasing number of people adopt a meat-free lifestyle. These people include bodybuilders who blatantly disprove this primitive way of thinking by thriving in their Greek god-like forms.... Read more
GrindCure – Beat the Nightly Grind
Earlier this month, I wrote a review about the success of the SnoreWizard – it’s a fantastic product. I found out that I actually DO snore. The same company has also produced a device that claims to help eliminate the grinding of teeth. I wondered if it may be... Read more
Google Play Protect – A New Way To Protect Your Phone
Thanks to the increasing number of security holes and increased number of cyber attacks, protecting your phone is more important than ever before. Google knows this so they’ve begun rolling out Google Play Protect which was originally announced at I/O 2017. Essentially a part of the company’s existing security... Read more
Cycling Essentials For Beginners
Cycling is a great way to stay in shape, build stamina and improve strength – just take a look at the cyclists competing in the grueling Tour de France!  It is also an excellent means of transport for beating traffic, exploring mountains, riding along beach fronts and roaming neighbourhoods.... Read more
FBI issues warning about internet connected toys
Internet connected toys are becoming all the rage but as with any internet connected device, there are risks involved with these toys. The FBI has released a public service announcement (PSA) highlighting the possible dangers with internet connected toys: “Smart toys and entertainment devices for children are increasingly incorporating... Read more
What are e-bikes?

What are e-bikes?

Advice 19th July 2017 0

When you hear the term “e-bike” you’re probably picturing something along the lines of a scooter, but in reality e-bikes look pretty similar to a regular bicycle with just a few differences. e-bikes allow you to pedal as you normally would on a bicycle or you can use the... Read more
What’s happened to IoT?
5G will bring the Internet of Things to life By Ernst Wittmann, Global Account Director MEA & Country Manager – Southern Africa at Alcatel By now, many of us have heard about the Internet of Things – the trend that sees sensors and Internet connectivity embedded into just about... Read more
Grandslam Tennis Equipment
Wimbledon is in full swing. Roger Federer and Andy Murray are showing their mettle by decimating their opponents. So, if it’s your dream to grace the grass courts of Wimbledon, make sure you’ve got the right equipment. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, we have the tennis essentials... Read more
Great smartphones for under R1500
Having a smartphone that can send SMSs, WhatsApp messages, connect you to Facebook and allow you to Snapchat (or use Instagram Stories) is vital in the 21st century, the problem is that most smartphones can cost a small fortune. If your budget is tight but you’re in need of... Read more