Here’s to a Good Night’s Rest
The mind – it’s constantly racing and is often the root cause of sleep deprivation. The benefits of a good morning ritual have been widely discussed – but what about bedtime? By simply prioritising sleep, you could solve many underlying lifestyle problems, such as weight gain, anxiety and even... Read more
LG’s G6 vs Samsung’s Galaxy S8
The battle for Android supremacy is heating up in 2017 with both LG and Samsung releasing the best phones they’ve made, to date. Both handsets have a phablet size displays in smaller phone bodies which means that the screen to body ratio averages in the region of 80%. Keeping... Read more
Smell Amazing, All the Time
It’s closing in on 5 pm, you have a date and the perfume you sprayed this morning is overwhelmed by the “smell of work”. Well, this is just one scenario but a slowly vanishing fresh scent, after a long day, is common. So, why is it your perfume doesn’t... Read more
Review: Nintendo 3DS
Play MORE of what you want, when you want, with Nintendo’s new 3DS. It boasts a host of fantastic features that will enhance your gaming experience. It’s the perfect, portable gaming system to suit your lifestyle. *Note: This review is for the New Nintendo 3DS Nintendo’s latest version of... Read more
Xiaomi Announces The Mi 6
In 2016, Xiaomi stunned the world with the nearly bezel-less MiMix, so when the company announced that the Mi 6 would be unveiled, expectations were high. The company has finally taken the wraps off the mi 6 and while it doesn’t have the MiMix’s same awe inspiring design, it... Read more
Review: HP 250 G5 Series 15.6” Intel Celeron Notebook
The HP 250 G5 is a sure fire value-for-money laptop. It’s ideal for a student who needs functionality that will improve productivity. This will relieve a lot of stress because you’ll have the peace-of-mind that you’ll be able to meet your academic deadlines. It needs to be said that... Read more
These Supplements Could Help You Lose Weight Faster
Are you eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, but that the stubborn weight just won’t fall off! Well, in cases like these, it’s usually your body signalling to you that it needs something else. Perhaps a supplement or multivitamin? We combined a list of the best supplements that will aid in... Read more
Review: Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo 16 GB
Samsung’s Galaxy Grand range is perfect for the user who is seeking a reliable, functional phone that provides impressive connectivity ability. This is a budget-friendly smartphone, but make no mistake; you’re getting some notable specs! The 5” screen makes it great for watching videos and browsing the web. The... Read more
The Best Single Malt Whiskies Are…
If you’re a whisky fan, then you might want to try out Glenmorangie Lasanta and Ardbeg Corryvreckan, both of which won awards at the prestigious World Whiskies Awards. Glenmorangie, which originated in the Scottish Highlands in 1843, was awarded Best Highland Single Malt for Glenmorangie Lasanta.  Meanwhile, Ardbeg, the... Read more
Review: Samsung Galaxy J1 4 GB
The Samsung Galaxy J Series can be described as “reliable and functional this is evident in the J1. Let’s face it, today, we all need a phone, but many of us can’t afford the astronomical prices. Well, the J1 will change that because of its affordability and so you’ll... Read more