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When to buy a car in South Africa


Bet you didn’t know these are the best times to go shopping for a car in South Africa.

It’s important to remember besides seizing the opportune times to by your desired car, there are crucial factors to consider, such as budget and whether you want a new or used car. After working out the realistic logistics of your affordability, preference and overall needs, choosing to buy at specific times of the month or season, could mean saving a whole lot more.

When to buy a car in South Africa

Last Five Days of the Month

Dealerships are always ready to make a sale, but this is especially so in the last five days of the month. This is because dealers are hungry to get the bonus offered by manufacturers should they make their target. This, however, is not relative to all dealerships in South Africa, but your odds are favourable when you go shopping for a car at the end of the month.

When New Stock Comes In

If you’re into buying the latest cars on the market prepare to pay sticker prices or more for the status of wanting to own it first. However, if you are willing to wait for the right time, or are in the market for something else the best times to buy a car is when new models launch (for instance, Ford, Chrysler and GM launch new models during the months of August and September). The discount comes in when dealerships are pressured to move old stock out to make room for the latest models. 

Seasonal Demand

Besides changing the weather, seasons also change car prices. So, if you’re in the market for summery cars such as convertibles, warmer seasons will have you paying higher prices. However, winter and autumn seasons could find you with a reasonable discount on these types of vehicles. When it comes to four-wheelers, prices are higher during colder seasons. Depending on what your desired car is, choosing the right season means saving more simply because of demand.

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End of Year

Like most retailers, the end of the year is one of the best times to shop for a car. This is because dealerships are looking to clear out inventory and snag those last sales.

Discontinued Models

When a model is discontinued or remodelled, expect significant discounts on the particular car. This is because the model is no longer in demand and dealerships need to make room for newer models.

If you’re into finding affordable prices that meet your budget, using comparison sites is an essential tool.


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