Saturday, May 21

The world’s most valuable brands should come as no surprise


Interbrand have just released their latest brand value estimations and it should come as no surprise that Apple is still sitting firmly at the top of the pile. Valued at over $184 billion, the tech giant appears to be an unstoppable juggernaut despite what appears to be a lukewarm iPhone 8 reception.

Tech in general dominates the list, with exceptions provided by Coca-Cola – in fourth place with an estimated value of 70 billion dollars – and the two car brands Toyota and Mercedes-Benz with 50 and 58 billion, respectively.

According to the report, the biggest year on year growth was seen at Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s company jumped in brand value by 48 percent. The most noticeable big mover is Amazon with massive 29 percent increase.


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