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The Equalizer 2 Movie Review


he Equalizer 2 may look and sound like its predecessor, it’s quite a different movie in a lot of ways. Leaning away from the revenge-tale of the first film, the sequel ends up playing out more like a spy-thriller than anything else, which works in its favour though, delivering some memorable high-tension moments. Don’t worry, though – the stylish and timeously-punctuated action sequences are there, but this is a much more diverse film with a slow-burn payoff rather than a straight punch to the face.

Denzel Washington returns to play hero Robert McCall, who, while still stoic and stern, has a far-more dynamic script to play with this time around, allowing him to showcase a lot more of the character – including sadness and loss – rounding out this mysterious ex-operative we’ve grown to love.

The murder-mystery plot of the sequel also pulls back the curtain on some more interesting moments surrounding the cloak-and-dagger world of The Equalizer. The initial story points can be a little confusing to the initiated, and a bit disjointed due to some quick location jumps, but director Anton Faqua leaves enough breadcrumbs to allow the you to piece together what’s happening.

Overall, the film does a great job at building some momentum for the franchise. It does follow many of the same beats as the first outing, but manages to carve a somewhat different, more intense tone, and one which strikes closer to home for Washington’s character.

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