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The Biggest Coffee Trends of 2021


Coffee is experienced and enjoyed across the globe and as this continues to grow, so do the needs and wants of coffee drinkers. Trends surface continuously, and brands are quick to react to growing trends to offer consumers what they want. But what were the biggest coffee trends to emerge from 2021?

Whether it’s unique brewing methods, funky flavours, coffee shop trends, or speciality blends, some of the current trends in the coffee industry include:

Adventurous flavours

In 2021, consumers showed a desire to try more international flavours. During 2020 many coffee drinkers turned to the internet to find coffee-inspired drinks and through this a desire to experience different, international coffees grew. Single-origin coffee is growing in popularity, with coffee drinkers wanting to fully experience the tastes from a particular region such as Brazil.


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Convenient, instant coffee is growing in popularity. Instant coffee grew during 2020 when many coffee drinkers were homebound. Instant coffee has come a long way since its inception, and gone are the days of stale and bitter coffee; if there is one thing that coffee drinkers won’t compromise on, it’s flavour. Instant coffees of today bring with them different, bold and exciting flavours that offer delicious tastes and exotic notes.

A focus on the bean

In 2021, coffee drinkers also spent more time getting to know the different coffee beans. The choice of coffee bean is very important when deciding on a coffee blend. The Arabica bean is projected to lead the global coffee beverages market due to its delicate flavour, and presence of less caffeine. The Robusta bean has a more intense flavour and shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to making a powerful cup of coffee.

L’OR coffee

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Coffee and health

The trend towards a healthier lifestyle has extended to coffee, with many coffee shops adding healthy alternatives to their menus, such as maca lattes, mushroom coffee or the addition of collagen creamer.


Coffee consumers have become increasingly aware of the need for sustainability in their coffee drinking routine, therefore seeing a rise in trends like reusable cups and straws, and circularity in materials used. Nespresso capsules are a prime example of this, with their capsules now being made from 80% recycled aluminum, considering that aluminium is infinitely recyclable.

Nespresso Vertuo Next

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Quality decaf blends

In the past, foregoing caffeine in your coffee would mean having to accept subpar blends as the decaffeination process can eliminate the potent flavours of the coffee. However, top-end coffee roasters now create high-quality coffee sans the caffeine.

Dalgona whipped coffee

The Dalgona whipped coffee is the latest trend to take the internet by storm. With origins in South Korea, this frothy beverage is created by whipping together instant coffee, sugar and water to make a toffee-coloured foam which is then spooned over milk and enjoyed hot or cold.

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