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Swivel Design LG Wing Smartphone Arrives in South Africa


More than a decade since the first smartphones became mainstream, it’s rare that we see something different and truly unique emerge in the mobile industry. LG says it is about to change that with the new LG Wing smartphone. Now available in South Africa, LG says its latest addition to its smartphone lineup will transform how we see and use smartphones. Said to be the perfect device for multitaskers, content creators, and tech lovers, the LG Wing takes an interesting turn from the smartphone norm.

Designed to take flight

The devices most remarkable feature is its second swivel screen. The device allows you to seamlessly switch between either ‘Basic Mode’ or ‘Swivel Mode’, revealing a hidden second screen behind the main 6.8-inch display. To access the secondary display you simply swivel the entire front of the phone 90 degrees to reveal the 3.9-inch second screen that doubles as a grip when the main screen is in landscape mode.

The swivel screen makes the LG Wing a multi-viewing and multitasking machine, allowing users to choose whether they want multiple applications open at the same time, or one application displayed across both screens. Message friends, check notifications, or go-shopping – all without closing or minimising any apps.

The Multi App feature allows users to create shortcuts for pairs of apps they typically use together. Imagine being able to watch YouTube videos on the landscape main screen while Googling when a song first came out, or playing games while having a bird’s-eye view of the racetrack in front of you.

A camera built for content creators

The LG WING comes with a variety of interesting camera features, such as a Gimbal Motion Camera, Dual Recording, and more, that let you record and share moments with ease. The device features three rear cameras. A 64MP Ultra High-Resolution OIS Wide camera captures vivid detail, a 12MP Ultra Wide Gimbal Motion Camera keeps everything nice and smooth, and a 13MP Ultra Wide Camera fits the whole scene in a single shot. Plus, a 32MP Pop-Up Camera jumps into action when you hit selfie mode. Dual Recording means you can shoot footage with the front and rear camera, capturing double the amount of video footage, which you can either save together as one video or separately.

What happens next? Swivel that beauty around and start editing your creations on the LG Creator’s Kit. The Second Screen can be used as a dedicated editing palette while the video or photo is displayed on the main screen. LG says the aim of this built-in editing software will help reduce the need for fancy editing equipment.

What’s more, The Gimbal Motion Camera, the world’s first in a smartphone, turns the LG WING’s second screen into a convenient grip, providing the stability needed to capture clearer shots and smooth video footage in horizontal mode with one hand. No more shaky and blurry video quality, just smoother, more professional-looking moments you’ll treasure forever.

Under the hood

Additional features include an easy touch fingerprint sensor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G (5G) processor, as well as 8GB RAM with 128GB storage.

The new LG Wing smartphone will be available in South Africa at a recommended retail price of R19,999.

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